Requesting A Review

Hey there!!!

Thank you for asking me to review your book! I'm honored to be given the chance to read new books from new authors and stories from the authors I have read before! 

The genres that I enjoy reading are (in no particular order):

  • New Adult
  • Chick-Lit/Women's fiction
  • YA/Teen Romance
  • RomCom
  • Romance 
  • Erotica
  • Historical Romance

I'm sure there's more, but I can never remember them all!! 

*I will always be completely honest with my reviews. If I did not enjoy the book, I will never be harsh with my review. I like to give encouragement instead:) 

*I do like to quote the books within my review (with no spoilers). I just like to highlight my favorite lines that stick with me within my reading. I'm always pulled into stories by seeing quotes and teasers, so I like to provide them as well. 

*I am a stay at home mom with lots of things going on, so if I'm not able to read your book at the time needed, I will let you know. Also, please don't hesitate to ask me again in the future. My schedule could always open up:) 

*I will always leave my review on Amazon and Goodreads. Please let me know if your book is on NetGalley, Edelwiess, etc., so I can post on there as well. 
*I accept ebooks (kindle/mobi file) mostly because of the quicker delivery, but I will never turn down a paperback! If you would rather send a physical copy, I will be just as excited, and thankful, you thought of me:) 

*Finally, if you would like me to review your book, please contact me through my . That's the best way to reach me and I can keep up with my requests easier. 

Thanks so much<3