About Mickey

My name is Mickey, and I live in a Phoenix suburb in Arizona. I grew up in the Chicagoland area, but Phoenix is so much better (in my opinion). No snow, no cold weather, less rain, very supreme. My husband and I still have family there, so we go back for visits, but that's usually enough. I work two jobs: freelance editing and a lockbox job where I can listen to audio books all day. That's generally how I get so much read. I also have no children of my own, so that frees up some time. Having an hour drive to work each way makes more time to listen to books as well. I raise animals (see pictures below!), watch/read/listen to a lot of entertainment, and have some strange hobbies. I like to state my opinions (I have quite a few of them), and I can get seriously addicted to things. Like the raw vegan lifestyle.

A note about my reviews: most of them are usually just thoughts and feelings once I've finished. I've been trying to write more substance into them now that I'm working on the whole book blog thing, but I don't always like to summarize a book, since you can find those everywhere. I don't even like to read them before I read the book anyhow! I like surprises, and I generally like short reviews, ones that tell me if they liked it or not and would recommend it to a friend.

Here are some likes and dislikes :o)

-Books, duh. All kinds! General fiction, non-fiction, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, self-help, teen/YA, romance, humor, mystery, crime thrillers, suspense.. I love and read it all! This includes audio books. I’ve become something of a snob about them. And I enjoy a good series as well. I get very involved with characters.

-Reptiles. My husband and I own several: snakes, bearded dragon, tortoise, argus monitor. Plus we have other animals: tarantula, salt water fish tank, 2 puppies, and a cat.

-Movies. Again, I watch just about all kinds: comedy, drama, foreign, horror, romance, historical, western, animated, etc etc.

-Internet. It provides me with tons of entertainment, news, and general fun. Some of my favorite websites are Goodreads.com, Twitter.com, BN.com, and bookreporter.com. I can check my bank accounts, library books, and credit cards. I can get free ebooks, win paper books, and read books online. I can connect with friends and look into new favorites. Gotta love it.

-Music. Incubus is my all-time favorite band, but again, I like all types and genres. Classical and country are probably some of my least favorites, but I'll listen to it anyway. :o)

-Food. This isn't an "all kinds" category. I used to love a lot of things that aren't food. Now it's all about fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, and grains. Nom nom nom. Raw when I can. Mmmm!

-Crocheting. This is different than knitting and sewing. Crocheting is one hook with yarn. My mother taught me before college, and I still do it from time to time. I love the fact that I can make something with yarn and a hook. How is that NOT cool? ;o)

-Netflix. I love this because it usually has full seasons of previously-aired shows available for instant streaming. Current obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh, I know.

-Decorating. I briefly went to school for interior design. It still makes me happy to see a well-designed area of space.

-English/Grammar/Spelling. I am kind of a snob about this topic as well. I am very particular about grammar rules, and they are not to be broken. While no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, text speak blows my mind. This is very important to my eyes and ears.

-Free Stuff. Sometimes I blame this on my ancestors practicing a certain religious faith known for their thrifty traits, but it’s true. I’ll take anything given to me if it’s free. (No offense, of course.)

-Sports. I’m the girl who really gets into football and baseball. Favorite teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, New York Giants. Don’t ask. ;o)

-Intolerance. This is first and foremost! I cannot stand when people stereotype, ridicule, and discriminate against other people who are just trying to live their lives, especially when it's something that isn't completely understood. If someone deserves something, fine. I am all about equality, though. Everyone deserves fairness until they don’t. What happened to the golden rule? If you haven't lived in those shoes, don't judge. I just want everyone to get along!

-Traffic. Even though I have my books in the car, I am very impatient sometimes and I do believe that my time on this planet is valuable. I do not appreciate spending that time in a bumper to bumper standstill behind the wheel of a car.

-Being Cold. I swear, I am never warm enough to go without a sweater, even though I live in Arizona. I wish this was not the case.

-Disappointment. Granted, I don’t know anyone who DOES like this, but that’s not the point. It’s unavoidable and inevitable in everyone’s life, but it sucks anyway. Boo.

-Fights. Man, I really hate when I’m in a fight with someone. I am fairly non-confrontational, so probably you won’t even know I am in a fight with you, but I hate it anyway. Ugh. And I don't want to be in the middle of your fight.

-Being Sick. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I am a complete mess. I am definitely a nose breather, so when my nose is stuffed up, I can't sleep. Really unnecessary. Luckily, I have a pretty good immune system.

-Cotton Balls. This may sound strange, but I get chills and grind my teeth when I come into contact with cotton balls. It's like nails on a chalkboard to some. I hate the way they feel. Q-tips are basically out of the question, too, as well as other people's socks touching me. Eww.

So there you have it! Of course there are lots more in both category, like writing book reviews, which is why I have this website of course. I read a little bit of everything, so I hope that anyone takes what I have to say and uses it for recommendations of what to read next. There is a little something for everyone here.

Pictures of my Animals

Big Bertha - ball python

No name - argus monitor

Zeus - bearded dragon

Sylvester - cat/pain in my butt

Link - African Spurred Sulcata tortoise
Titan and Gretchen (Shepherd mixes)

No name - tarantula

These are my babies! Every one of them. Link was our first one, and then it gets fuzzy after that. They're all pretty young, except Big Bertha. She's currently about 10 years old. They're all very unique with their own personalities. If anyone has reptiles or other exotic pets, I'd love to hear from you!!