Jan 12, 2018

Release Promo -- Full Contact by HJ Bellus & Kathy Coopmans

FULL CONTACT, a brand new standalone by USA TODAY Bestselling Authors
HJ Bellus & Kathy Coopmans is LIVE!!

Purchase your copy at your favorite retailer:

FULL CONTACT by HJ Bellus & Kathy Coopmans
Sports Romance

A mafia princess. The nation’s favorite football player. Can they make it work?
An unlikely matching of the stars.
The opposites had it all for one year.

Justice Bexley, the daughter of Cain and Calla leaders of The Diamond Syndicate, sacrificed true love to protect Liam. Her selfish action destroyed them both.

Liam Blake moved on with his prestigious career. However, his outlook on life was never the same. If his parents could fight for true love with a Pinky Promise he can keep moving forward. At least he tried convincing himself of that.

Some say true love has a way of finding its way back. Justice and Liam know better to believe. That’s up until the day they find themselves in a heated meeting.

She owns a new football team.
He’s coming back from an injury and thirsty to prove the nation wrong.
Years of pent-up anger and hatred may fuel an epic second chance love story or ruin both of them for good.

Find out in FULL CONTACT by HJ Bellus & Kathy Coopmans.




Read an EXCERPT: http://bit.ly/2lRv7yS

FULL CONTACT is a standalone, crossover novel between Pinky Promise by HJ Bellus and The Wrath of Cain by Kathy Coopmans.





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