Sep 5, 2017

Blog Tour & Review -- Dr. NEUROtic by Max Monroe


Authors are not responsible for any brain injury incurred in an effort to meet Dr. Nick Raines. Please just read the book.


I’m Dr. Nick Raines.
Brain surgeon and notorious over-thinker, I take the analytical approach with everything, until I can determine the best, carefully calculated plan of action. It’s no shock the producers of the popular reality series The Doctor Is In have decided to call me Dr. Neurotic.   

Besides my more than full-time job as Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Luke’s Hospital, I’m a single dad and my number one priority is my daughter.     

But life had plans to add another priority to my list.
Charlotte Hollis. Outspoken, impulsive, and beautiful, she’s everything I didn’t know I was craving.

She makes me wonder What if?

What if I don’t have to be alone for the rest of my life to give my little girl the father she deserves? 

It's a battle—my battle: Head vs. Heart. 

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Tiny Tease:

With a quick smack and a groan, I silenced the alarm and rolled over to my stomach to shove my head into the fluff of my pillow.

      “Oh my God,” I grumbled.

      Even the sound of my own voice was grating.

      Great, I thought. This should make work interesting.

      I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand, rolled back onto my back, and typed out a quick message.

      Me: So, apparently, you’re a sadist.

      A reply popped up nearly immediately.

      Charlotte: Wimp.

      Me: I’m actually sore.

      Charlotte: It takes time to acclimate to the dance life. You’ve got good moves, though. Be proud, soldier, be proud.

      Me: Oh, so I suppose you’re completely fine?

      Charlotte: Yep. ;)

      Me: I kind of hate you.

      Charlotte: That wears off. Trust me. Pretty soon you won’t be able to live without me.



"I wasn't sure what either of us was looking for, but the butterflies fluttering inside of my belly told me neither of us needed to search anymore. Everything we wanted was standing right in front of us."

Goodness me!!!
Lawd child!!

Nick and Charlotte were on fire from the start!
Nothing like a random night of trivia to bring two people together!

I loved how outgoing Charlotte was! She was the perfect person to compliment Nick. He has so driven in his life that he never slowed down to enjoy the moments. She gave him that gift.

"When it came to Nick, I seemed to have this incessant craving for more of him. More touches, more kisses, more attention. Just, more." ~Charlotte

"She was a buffet of all my favorite things, and I wanted to taste and devour it all." ~Nick

This story had loads of humor, pulling of heartstrings, and a whole lot of love to go around. You got to see each character struggle and them rise once again. One pushes, the other pulls. They made one heck of a team!

The other thing I loved about this story was seeing Nick with his daughter, Lexi. Gahhh!! I thought I loved that girl in Scoring The Billionaire, but I love her even more now!! The way he tries to do everything for her is wonderful. You see how hard he is trying to redeem himself from his past, and it's beautiful to see the change.

Max Monroe makes me smile so hard with every single book they write!! 
The way they weave storylines and characters makes my heart so happy. We even got a little visit from Thatch in this one;) 

Way to blow it out of the park again, Max Monroe!!!

"This man made me so happy. I wanted to keep him around forever." ~Charlotte

"She belonged with me." ~Nick

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