May 4, 2017

Promo & Review -- Dr. OBscene by Max Monroe


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It’s just a docuseries about your career as an OB/GYN, they said.
It won’t interrupt your life during or after filming, they said.
It is a great opportunity for the hospital and your practice, they said.

Well, they—the television executives who seem intent on ruining my career and personal life with a fair number of creative liberties—lied.
Now I’m stuck dealing with the consequences of believing them.

Instead of being known as Dr. Will Cummings, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Luke’s Hospital, I’m now being called Dr. Obscene.   

What devotion I’d hoped to earn in respect, I’ve instead received in patients flashing me seductive smiles and flirtatious winks during their exams. 

How’s a guy supposed to convince the most perfect woman he’s ever met that he’s not as much of an idiot in real life as he appears to be on camera?

With all of the show’s side effects taking root like parasites, it’s going to take a lot to persuade Melody Marco to be anything more than my new nurse.
But I can’t get her out of my head. 

want her. 

Good thing I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge…
Get ready, Melody.

The doctor is in.

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Tiny Tease:

“Oh, come on. If I were really trying to torture you, I wouldn’t have protected you from the fact that Savannah has been in there trying to convince Georgie that, and I quote, it’d be the most natural thing in the world for you to be her obstetrician.”
      Internally, I cringed. Externally, I cringed. In fact, it felt like Kline had just jabbed me in the back of the throat with his finger, and my gag reflex was doing nothing more than reacting accordingly—hacking cough, choking sensation, slight nausea.
      I loved my career as a physician in obstetrics, but I’d sign up to flip burgers at the nearest fast-food joint if it meant avoiding doing vaginal exams on my sister. The mere thought was worse than that disgusting horror flick called The Human Centipede.

Seriously, if you’ve never seen that movie, don’t fucking see that movie.
      That flick is more traumatic than the blue waffle and that “Two Girls One Cup” site combined.
Jesus. Don’t Google those either.

Dr. OB Playlist:


"I'd been doing my best to avoid the one woman I thought I wouldn't be trying to avoid at all."

"I wanted to know him. Like really, really know him.
And see him naked."


Dr. Cummings, will you pleeeeaaase see me now?!
Like, for real!!

I loved this book so hard!!
Max Monroe writes the best romcoms!

Will and Melody are so perfect for each other. I honestly couldn't get enough of them.

"Thanks, Melody. I needed this."
"This? What's this?"
"You. I needed you."

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I laughed out loud at Melody's inner monolgue!
I had tears in my eyes just laughing at the thoughts in her head.

Will is perfection.
Totally being serious. He is.
The way he handles this whole TV show craziness is amazing. And Melody is his perfect partner through it all.

"Is the offer still on the table?"
"The dating offer?...When it comes to you, I'm not sure that offer would ever be off the table."

I also loved that you got to see some familiar faces within the story!!
It wouldn't be the same without them!!

I'll also say that I never thought tongue depressors would be sweet until you put a sentiment on them!!!

Max Monroe, You have done it once again!!!!
Thank you for the words, the romance, and the humor!!

"You did all this for me?"
"I'd do anything for you."

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