Apr 4, 2017

Release Blitz & Review -- Pillowtalk by Cassie Mae

In this heartfelt romance from the author of the All About Love series, two people who thought they’d given up on passion turn to each other for emotional support—and maybe something a little more physical.
Kennedy Walters has had a tough year. Now she’s come to the lakeside town of Lyra Valley to finally say goodbye to the memory of her first love. But while she’s staying at his sister’s B&B, Kennedy is shocked to find herself undeniably drawn to a handsome local heartthrob—especially since she isn’t  sure if she’s ready to move on.
Aaron Sheppard returned to Lyra Valley because he was fed up with the big city and everything it didn’t have to offer—like the beautiful, down-to-earth girl staying at the B&B. Aaron’s enjoying a little flirtation until he realizes that she’s Kennedy Walters, the girl who was dating his best friend. But after a power outage strands them together, Aaron and Kennedy wind up sharing some intimate conversation. And over the course of a night that neither will ever forget, they learn just how compatible they could be—if only they knew how to let go and fall into each other’s arms.


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Praise for Pillowtalk

"(Cassie Mae)...delivers a gorgeous novel about saying farewell to the past and finding the courage to love again.”—New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery 

“I absolutely loved Pillowtalk! Cassie Mae took a poignant subject and handled it with such delicate ease that I found myself dancing back and forth between tearing up and laughing out loud—and both of those things felt perfectly right in the moment. I will definitely be recommending this book to readers!”—New York Times bestselling author Melanie Shawn 

"I’m running out of ways to say I love Cassie Mae’s writing!" -Celebrity Readers


"I barely know you. So why does this feel so...right, when it should be wrong?"

*muppet flails*
*claps hands and sings praises*

Cassie Mae has done it again!!

With her heartwarming tale about learning to live (and love) again after a loss, Cassie gives us Kennedy and Aaron's story.

These two souls are brought together during low points in their lives.
Their pasts have collided with their present and there's no turning back now.

"Kennedy had weaved her way not only into his mind, but into the deepest parts of his heart."

"She wasn't a woman clinging to one man while falling for another. She was a woman in love with two men--one who was her past, and one who she hoped would be her future."

Kennedy's loss of her first love was so heartbreaking. Right from the first few pages, you felt her pain.
But what made this story what it was was feeling the pain coming from Aaron too.

They each lost someone who at one time was their world.
They both lost their best friend.

How their two stories intertwined was heartbreakingly beautiful to watch.
You felt the walls breaking around their hearts.
You felt their surrender.

"She was the only cure, the only person in years to make him into the man he wanted to be."

I could go on and on about every small detail within these pages.
Believe me, there's so many!

Between their love blossoming, and the two of them striving to keep a loved one's memory alive, this book has it all!

It truly shows you that sometimes fate has a bigger plan for you.
Sometimes you must take the leap...even if it scares you.
But most of all, it teaches you that sometimes the best moments in life happen at night during... Pillowtalk.

"Did fate have something to do with him moving back home, with her visiting at the same time? In that moment, he'd like to think that it did, because even witht the draw of the night sky above, she, too, was choosing to look right back at him."

About the Author

CASSIE MAE is the author of a few hundred—okay, maybe not that many—books, some of which became popular for their quirky titles, characters, and stories. She likes writing about nerds, geeks, the awkward, the fluffy, the short, the shy, the loud, the fun.

Since publishing her bestselling debut, Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend, she’s signed several Romance titles with Random House Loveswept, and founded CookieLynn Publishing Services. She is represented by Sharon Pelletier at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. 

Along with writing, Cassie likes to binge-watch Once Upon a Time and The Flash. She can quote Harry Potter lines quick as a whip. And she likes kissing her hubby, but only if his facial hair is trimmed. She also likes cheesecake to a very obsessive degree.

You can stalk, talk, or send pictures of Luke Bryan to her on her Facebook page.


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