Dec 20, 2016

Release Blitz & Review -- Falling for Santa by Laura Dunaway

Falling for Santa


Elin lived an ordinary life. She worked each day and went home each night. She didn't feel like life was too bad, but knew there could be more.

Every Christmas, Elin worked at the mall playing Santas elf. She loved helping the children and the mall discount wasn't bad either. But when Davis started playing Santa this year, everything changed.

From the moment she first saw him, his deep voice and toned body ignited a fire inside Elin. When she got to know him, he blew her away with his gentle demeanor and sense of humor. But one question nagged at her...

Would he ever feel the same way?

Because one thing was certain, she had fallen for Santa.
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"I was beginning to feel like there really was a Santa, and he was gifting me sweet, little moments with Davis. Whatever the reason I suddenly had his attention, I'd take it."

Such a sweet, romantic, Christmas story!!!

Elin always enjoyed being one of Santa's elves at the local department store every year. Seeing the smiles on all the kid's faces was a treat.
But this year, it was her turn to have the smile.

Davis vowed that one day he would be Santa, and spread joy to all the little kids. But on his first day as the man in red, he never thought he would meet elf that would forever change his life.

"You have no idea how beautiful you are, and that's unfortunate. I want you to see what I see."

This was a wonderful read about the spirit of Christmas, and the surprises that come along with it.

Elin and Davis were adorable right from the start! That man knows how to romance a woman!! Lord have mercy! Can I have a Davis?! ;)

This Christmas novella is sure to get you into the holiday spirit!!

I loved every moment of it!!

"Santa has been very impressed with you this year."
"Oh yeah? How impressed, exactly?"
"Let's say extremely impressed. Santa wanted me to reward you."
"And how exactly did he ask you to reward me?"
"Well, you see, that's the thing. He gave me this mistletoe here, telling me I knew what to do with it. Luckily, he's right, I definitely know what to do with it."

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