Oct 17, 2016

Blog Tour & Review -- Going Down Fast by Carly Phillips


Going Down Fast by Carly Phillips Series: Billionaire Bad Boys #2 

Release Date: October 11th, 2016 

Genre: Contemporary Romance



Billionaire Bad Boys: Rich, Powerful and sexy as hell.

Lucas Monroe dropped out of college only to become a multi-billionaire and tech world God. He can have any woman he desires in his bed, but the only woman he's ever wanted is off limits and always has been.

 When Maxie Sullivan finds herself in dire straights, the only man she can turn to is the one she’s always secretly loved: her childhood best friend.

 Can they trust their hearts and make a future, or will their complicated pasts stand in the way? 

 This bad boy is going down fast … 
And going down fast has never felt so right. 

The second stand-alone novel in the Billionaire Bad Boys series by New York Times Bestseller Carly Phillips.


“Something smells incredible,” Lucas said, his voice growing closer.

 He entered the room, his big body filling up the kitchen despite its substantial size for a Manhattan apartment. She looked him over through lowered lashes. Though it was a workday, his wardrobe choice consisted of a pair of faded jeans and a black tee shirt with the Blink logo. He looked as delicious as her cookies, and she wanted to take a bite out of him. 

 Her thoughts stopped her in her tracks, and she felt her face flush. But his gaze was focused on the tin of treats, and he didn’t notice her heated cheeks or her traitorous hormones. He walked over, picked up one hot, melty cookie, and devoured it in one bite.

 “Mmm,” he said, closing his eyes and swallowing with a satisfied groan. 

 Her girlie parts tingled. Yep, that’s how she chose to think of them. If she got any more specific, she’d be blushing more and in deeper trouble than she already was. 

“Good?” she managed to ask.

 “Delicious. You’re a woman of many talents,” he said, the compliment warming her.

 “Thank you.” 

 A smear of chocolate sat on his lower lips. Unable and unwilling to stop herself, she stepped closer, reached out, and ran her finger over his mouth, transferring the chocolate from him to her.

 She glanced at the gooey substance, hesitated a fraction of a second, and slid her finger into her mouth, licking off the remainder of the treat. Maybe it was her imagination, but she could swear she tasted Lucas on her tongue. She knew damn well she felt him low down in her sex. To hell with embarrassment, thanks to Lucas all she could do was feel. 

 His heavy-lidded gaze locked with hers. “Maxie,” he said on a groan. 

 Her breasts tingled at the low rumble in his voice. Like the other night, she was playing with fire. But unlike the other night, she was feeling stronger and more in control. Just the fact that she had a job interview emboldened her and gave her strength, more like the Maxie Sullivan she’d been before Keith manipulated and warped her mind.

 “Lucas.” She whispered his name.

 “Walk away,” he said, his body taut and vibrating with what she knew was the same desire shooting through her veins. 

 “I can’t.” 

 His gaze darkened. “Then run before we do something you’ll regret.”

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"He hoped she was ready. Because Lucas intended to get his girl."
All I can say is... Gahhhhhhh!!!

I'm so in love with Lucas and Maxie!!!

I love friends-to-lovers stories, but this goes beyond that. This is a story about two people that have always been meant to be, but they stayed apart for so many years due to lies and deceit. After tragedy and heartbreak, truths and secrets are revealed and it only brings these two closer together.

"Walk away."
"I can't."
"Then run before we do something you'll regret."
"Or I'm going to pull you against me and kiss you. I'm going to taste that sexy mouth of yours, and while I'm doing it, you're going to feel exactly how much I want you. Will you run again then?"
"Oh God...Do it."

This book surprised me in so many ways. I didn't expect to get emotionally attached to these two in many ways. And that was a very good thing!!

Lucas and Maxie each have been hurt and have lived many years trapped behind the line they have never been allowed to cross. 

The twists and turns within this book takes you on a journey-their journey. The love these two have always had for one another shines through all the pain of their pasts. This book is emotional and sexy, but also captivating in its own way.

"Why the change of heart?"
"I want you, Lucas. I always have. I decided it's our time."

Meet Carly Phillips:

Carly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels, including the Indie published, Dare to Love Series. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers.

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