May 13, 2016

Promo & Review for Dare To Take by Carly Phillips

Dare to Take by Carly Phillips

Date of Publication: May 3, 2016


She was off limits,

But he couldn't resist.

There are just some guys you don't touch--even someone as innocent and inexperienced as Ella Shaw knows that. But when her brother's best friend is up for grabs and willing, she can't resist. After all, she's wanted him for years...

On leave from the army, Tyler Dare WAS just looking for a little fun, but his best friend's sister is off limits. Yet unable to deny how sexy and alluring she is, he finds it all too easy to succumb to a night of passion and heat that ends the next morning in the worst way possible.

Now years later, Ella is stranded on a tropical island with a hurricane bearing down, and only Tyler can save her. It's his chance to make amends for the past and show the woman he's never forgotten that he's coming after her . . . in more ways than one.

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"He'd broken her heart and set the stage for every guy who came after him."

Oh me. 
How I love a second chance/friends to lovers romance!!

The Dare family has once again grabbed my heart.
 This time it's Tyler's turn to tell his story. He has spent years pining after, and avoiding, his best friend's sister, Ella Shaw. After a drunken mistake years ago, they are not the friends they used to be...but that doesn't mean the feelings ever stopped.

Ella and Tyler met when they were very young. It wasn't the best of circumstances, but upon their meeting Emma also gained her best friend, Avery. Who happens to be Tyler's sister. 
See the circle forming? ;)

"She wanted him as much as he did her. But even if he didn't understand all the reasons why, he knew he needed to be more careful with her heart."

With a storm on the horizon, literally, and an attack from  a stranger, the one person to save Ella is Tyler. 
But being stuck together doesn't just cause awkward moments, it causes tension. 

No matter how many years passed between them, the chemistry was there. Harboring. Waiting.

"You can't change the past."
"No, but you can enjoy the present. We both can."

I love that this wasn't just a book about a rekindling romance, but also a little bit of a suspense. There were things happening all around them and questions needed answers.

No matter what came their way, Tyler stood by Ella's side. They were a force with a past still hanging over their heads. 

I really liked the fact that the whole Dare family was a part of their relationship too. Not in a hovering way, but just as a support. They knew how much they cared for each other and gave them little pushes here and there;)

"She was deluding herself if she really thought she could classify Tyler Dare as just an affair. Or as just anything. Because when he was inside of her like this, he was her everything."

Like every single book Carly writes, I loved every part!

Within her series, she intertwines the stories wonderfully! You always feel like you've caught up with each family along the way while discovering a new love of the next member.

Thank you again, Carly, for entertaining us with your humor, your steaminess, and your words!

"From now on, you're going to let me take care of you the way I want to."
"We'll see."
"You're bad."
"No. I'm yours."

About Carly Phillips

After a successful fifteen year career with various New York publishing houses, and over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels published, N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips is now an Indie author who writes to her own expectations and that of her readers. She continues the tradition of hot men and strong women and plans to publish many more sizzling stories. Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. She's a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom. In addition, she's a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers. You can find out more about Carly at

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