May 19, 2016

Blog Tour -- Worth The Wait by Julie Ann Levin

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Divine Island #1
Julie Ann Levin
Releasing May 17th, 2016


Tropical beaches and second chances...

As a rule, Chase Hammond avoided going home to Divine Island whenever possible. But when his father has a heart attack, he's left with no other choice but to go back and hope that he can avoid trouble and stay focused.

Recently divorced and struggling to keep all the elements of her life together, Natalie Rey has absolutely no desire to make her life any more difficult than it already is. But when Chase Hammond shows up on her doorstep, the man who rejected her years earlier, she'll have to do her best to avoid the monumental distraction.

The last thing either of them needs is their sizzling chemistry getting in the way of their goals.

Can Natalie resist the sexy man who broke her heart years ago?

Will allowing him back into her life only lead to more heartache?


Can't wait for more?
CRAZY FOR YOU, Divine Island Book Two
Releases June 14th

Chase rubbed her feet, letting her know he was still awake. She didn't think he'd be able to fall asleep sitting up the way he was. He asked, “Do you still hurt bad?”

She shook her head, with the blanket held up to her chin. “Not really. I'm just stiff. I'm sure this couch isn't helping.”

“Can I see?” he asked.

Natalie nodded, and Chase pulled the blanket to one side, exposing her leg. In deference to the light bandaging, she'd worn only a large, oversized T-shirt. The backs of her bare thighs were stretched across his legs.

“I was watching when they bandaged you up,” he said, peering at her leg with careful movements. “It didn't look too bad.”

“Was that before or after you told the doctor we were engaged?”

He smirked. “You heard that, did you?”

She nodded.

“I did what I had to do.”

He rubbed her foot again, and then his hand slid up to her ankle, his fingertips like a feather's touch against her skin.

Her eyes snapped to his, and they were heated, his eyes shining. His voice lowered. “God, I want you.”

Natalie swallowed hard and felt a shiver of pleasure that travelled through her body before settling between her thighs. “You rejected me once, remember?”

“Wanting you and rejecting you are not mutually exclusive. I've always wanted you, Nat.”

Natalie searched his eyes. “It's difficult for me to believe that.”

He made direct eye contact and looked determined to prove it to her. “You tell me if this hurts?” he asked.

She nodded slowly, her tongue darting out to lick her lips.

He kept his eyes on her, taking his time as he slid his hand up her leg with a dexterity that the surgeons at the hospital would envy. She wondered idly when he would stop his ascent, and prayed that he wouldn't. Because this was exactly what she'd always wanted.

His hands on her.

Julie Ann Levin grew up in Miami, Florida. She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in English, majoring in Creative Writing. She loves to read all genres of Romance and especially loves contemporary, suspense, and paranormal.

She is known to binge read and is always binge writing.

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