Apr 29, 2016

Book Promo & Review -- Sparing the Heart by Tracy Krimmer

Check out the newest book in the Pastime Pursuits Series by Tracy Krimmer!!!

Title: Sparing the Heart (Pastime Pursuits Book 3)
Author: Tracy Krimmer
Release Date: March 17, 2016


Realtor and amateur bowler Kate Hayes is the ultimate fixer-upper at this stage in her life. 

Grieving the death of her father, she moves to a brand new town for a fresh frame. 

She quickly realizes, however, that location isn’t everything she’s always preached to her clients when she finds herself falling into the same bad habits. 

To break the cycle, she joins a local bowling league and meets handsome – but taken – meteorologist Kellan Valentine. 

Will their friendship lead to sunny skies or it is another forecast for disaster?

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Tiffany's 5-Star Review

"Sometimes change is the only thing that can save you from yourself."

Oh my gee!

It's no secret how much I love a great romance, but I also love when a little bit of self-discovery happens to the main character within the story.
That's what you get with Kate Hayes.

I was first introduced to Kate in Caching In. She was a secondary character that I just knew had a story behind her. I was excited when I found out she would be getting her own book!!

"Ten pounds shouldn't be hard to lift, but today, it seems impossible. I used this ball for years, won and lost my fair share. Now, holding my past in my hands, ready to do this again, it's surreal. But it is real. This is happening. I'm doing this."

Learning to live again is such a hard thing to do when your life has been turned upside down. As she's still dealing with the grief of losing her father, Kate decides to take a chance on life again. 
There's one thing that's always made her happy...bowling.

By getting back into bowling, she makes new friends (who are amazing by the way!), starts having fun again, and not to mention, meets a guy who could possibly be her saving grace.

"Cupid doesn't necessarily hit at the most opportune times, but even I have to admit with a man named Valentine, that's a sure sign."

Kellen Valentine.
I mean, just the name makes me dreamy smile. 
*Yes, I'm smiling right now*

One aspect that I really enjoyed about this story is that it wasn't an insta-love type thing. Kellen and Kate became friends, and teammates, first before feelings completely took over. Although, I soooo wanted to shove them together many times;)

"A positive spin can be put on anything. With enough determination, focus, and creativity, I can do anything."

One of my favorite things about a Tracy Krimmer book is how relatable the characters are. You can find yourself in one or more personalities.

She also knows how to bring a positive outcome when dealing with personal issues. You cheer on Kate throughout this book! You want her to find herself again--to enjoy what she thought she'd never have again...pure happiness.

"You make your own path. You decide your destiny."

I honestly loved everything about this entire story!
From the bowling itself, to the inner struggle of belonging, to the humor, to the blossoming love between two unlikely people, and the discovery of a life worth truly living!

I hope everyone who reads this book smiles a little, laughs a little, swoons a little, and takes a little something from it.

Well done, once again, Tracy!! 

"I tried so hard through my whole life to make work my main priority and spare my heart of any pain. I never realized that sometimes in life you need to experience the hurt to appreciate what's in front of you. And sometimes it's important to take a step back and let things happen."

About the Author

Tracy's love of writing began at nine years
 old. She wrote stories about aliens at school,
 machines that did homework for you, and
 penguins. Now she pens books and short 
stories about romance. She loves to read a
 great book, whether it be romance or science
 fiction, or any genre in between, or pop 
popcorn and catch up on her favorite TV 
shows or movies. She's been known to crush
 a candy or two as well. Her first romance
 novel, Pieces of it All, released in May 2014 
followed in December with Caching In, a 
romance mixed with the hobby of geocaching.
 She also has written several short stories.

You can find her on the following social media


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