Apr 21, 2016

Blog Tour -- Lord Bachelor by Tammy L. Bailey

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Tammy L. Bailey
Released December 7th, 2015
Wild Rose Press

Edmund Rushwood is a single English lord in possession of a great fortune who is in desperate need of a rich wife. In accordance with his father’s will, Edmund has until he turns twenty-six to find a wealthy bride or lose his vast inheritance. To retain his selfish lifestyle, he agrees to join an American dating game show to find the woman who can save him. He doesn’t bargain on meeting Abby Forester, an impoverished, spirited American woman who is content to live out her father’s dreams in his vintage record shop.

With covert intervention from an unlikely source, Abby lands on the dating game show as one of Edmund’s potential brides. As their worlds entangle and love begins to bloom, Abby discovers Edmund cannot marry her and retain his wealth at the same time. Will love keep them together, or will greed triumph and tear them apart?


In a blink, the curtain dropped in front of Abby. Her heart burst into a concerto of uncertain exuberance, the dark shadow of the half-filled audience clapping their approval. As her head began to spin, Edmund stepped before her, blocking the blinding light and making sure to keep his voice low enough for only her to hear.

“I cannot begin to imagine how you came to be here,” he said, his features unreadable, but displeasure dripping from every word he said.

Offended, Abby lashed out, in a tone so low it hurt her throat. “And I cannot begin to imagine how I have remained.”

He didn’t hesitate to reply, stepping closer, the smell of his warm skin making Abby forget how mad she was with him. “Through unfortunate circumstances or providence, Miss Forester, at this point, I’m really not sure.”

Now, she remembered and hated the formal way he addressed her. It was as if they had not shared an intimate moment only twelve hours ago. They almost kissed, for God’s sake.

“I’m sure it’s not too late to eliminate me now, if that’s what you wish.”

“It should never have come to this point.”

Abby’s jaw dropped. This wasn’t her fault.

“Edmund, what are you doing?” Will hissed, while covering the microphone so no one could hear. “Give her the damn rose and then kiss her hand.”

Edmund scoffed, his dusty eyebrows furrowed over marbled blue and stormy ocean green eyes. Affronted by how he’d acted so far, Abby drew her arms behind her back.

“Give me your hand,” he murmured with such aggravated conviction she could only stare and shake her head. “I have no problem coming after it,” he growled and shifted as if preparing to follow through with his threat.

This time, his jaw locked as his gaze simmered with embittered emotion. Abby swallowed hard, bringing her arm back to her side. With such impertinent delivery, he reached toward her, sliding his palm flush against hers.

A weak whimper tore from her throat, and she knew he’d heard it. To make matters worse, after he’d laid a glancing kiss upon her knuckle, he lifted his mouth to scrape against the most sensitive part of her earlobe.

Tammy L. Bailey is a wife and a mother of a Jedi and a future fill-in drummer for The Rolling Stones, The Who, or any other 70's band. I enjoy watching Jane Austen movie adaptations, afternoon football, eating Thai food, and spending down time with my husband and two sons. I don't have any pets, but when I was young, I had a black lab we called Satan. Her name was originally Satin, but two very young girls with southern accents mispronounced the word. She was the best dog in the entire world. I have a twin sister and three other siblings. I am also a third generation veteran, and I love eating Milk Duds with my popcorn during Star Wars movie nights.


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