Feb 8, 2016

Release Blast -- Ace of Harts by Dani Rene

Ace of Harts  

Title – Ace of Harts

Author & Publisher – Dani René

Re-Release Date: 2/8/2016

Originally Released: 12/15/2015

  Ace of Harts


When you’re given a difficult choice.

How do you decide?

After traumatic circumstances drag her away from a life she was used to, Emily Reid packs up her small town life and moves to New York City to start again. Leaving behind a past that brought her unbearable pain, she pushes through to make her teenage dreams a reality.

After three weeks of being in the Big Apple, she lands her dream job. The one she’s wanted since she finished her studies and received her degree. She needs to prove herself, she needs to show her demanding, perfectionist boss that she is the girl for the job.
Triston Hart is a man with a dark past, he doesn’t believe in love. Giving it or receiving it. When a young woman walks into his office he is startled by her. The confidence, beauty and absolute determination in her personality tugs at him.

Emily finds her challenge when her boss and a handsome stranger sweep her off her feet. The feelings grow, but how is she supposed to choose? Her life seems to be spiraling out of control when her past catches up to her, it shakes her to the core.

Will her past destroy her future? Or will her Ace of Harts win her hand? 

The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers.



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Ace of Harts Excerpt © Dani Rene 2015

 Grabbing at the loud obtrusive sound next to me, I found my phone under a pillow and turned my alarm off. The thought of going into the office today was something I was not looking forward to. I wasn’t sure how to handle seeing Triston. After last night I did not want to face him. I rolled over, looking up at the ceiling as the events of last night ran through my mind. I bit my lower lip, closing my eyes, feeling his tongue slowly, deliberately, grazing my lip. I trembled at the memory.

 I needed to get out of bed, this was driving me insane. Rolling out of bed, I slipped on my dressing gown and went into the kitchen. I turned on the coffee machine and took the beans out of the refrigerator. My phone beeped in the bedroom, I set up the coffee to brew and walked back to retrieve my phone. Who could be messaging me this time of the morning?

   *Miss Reid, you’re needed at the venue today. Charles will collect you at 7:30, I want you back in the office at midday. Understood?*

   Well, that answered my question, we were back to formalities. At least this gave me a few hours to ready myself to see him this afternoon. Hopefully he would be at a meeting and I wouldn’t have to deal with him till tomorrow. I hit reply.

   *Certainly, Mr. Hart.*

 I didn’t see the need in mentioning last night if he didn’t. The scent of coffee filled the kitchen, I grabbed my mug and filled it. Walking back into the bedroom, I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from my closet and laid them on the bed. I wasn’t dressing up if I was going to be working at the venue. It suddenly dawned on me that I might see Sebastian. I smiled at the thought of seeing those beautiful hazel eyes and that rugged exterior. My phone beeped again.

   *Thank you for a lovely evening last night Miss Reid. We should do it again soon…*

   I read the message twice. He was giving me whiplash. Come here, let me tease you with my tongue! No wait, let me run off into the night! Ugh men!

   I didn’t want to reply to him right now, let him suffer. I needed to get ready for work. In the bathroom I turned on the shower and I heard my phone beep again. I ignored it, I am sure it can wait till I am done. The hot water was relaxing. I closed my eyes and the steel-blue gaze flashed through my mind, haunting me. I wanted to kiss him so much. I did want him, but he clearly didn’t feel the same. So I should just forget him and move on.  

 As soon as I stepped out of the shower my doorbell buzzed. I wrapped the towel around myself and made my way to the door. The buzzing turned to loud knocking. Who the fuck was banging down my door this time of the morning? Not thinking I flung the door open.

 “What?!” I gasped as I was met with the most intense blue gaze I had ever seen. His eyes travelled gradually from my face, down my towel to my dripping wet legs. Obviously, I had picked the smallest fucking towel I owned this morning. I shivered as the cold breeze blew through the open door. “Triston, Mr Hart, uhm… Hi, come in,” I stepped back, my heart was hammering in my throat. “Miss Reid, nice to…” he looked me up and down with a predatory grin, “see you again.” He walked into my apartment, his eyes darting around the room taking in his surroundings.

   “Why are you? I mean… What are you doing here?” I stumbled over my words.

 He turned to face me and I felt like the prey caught by the hunter. I wrapped the towel tighter, but it didn’t budge. “I came to pick you up for work, if you answered your phone you might have known that.” He said as a matter of fact.

   “I was… uhm… in the shower.” I pointed to the door absentmindedly.

   He nodded, “Yes… I can definitely see that Miss Reid. I sincerely hope you were planning on wearing more clothes than that to work? You never know what kind of vultures would swoop down and grab you.” His eyes darkened. “Dressed in the smallest towel I have ever seen.” His voice trailed off and his eyes stopped on my wet legs. The towel just about covering the top half of my thighs and I blushed.

   “Yes… yes, of course, I better go get ready, make yourself comfortable.” I walked back to the bedroom and drawers to find underwear. My hands were trembling, I needed to get it together. Shit! I took a deep steadying breath and got dressed.

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Dani René is a freelance graphic designer and indie author. She started writing in January 2015 and after a few fan fiction stories, she decided that her first novel Ace of Harts needed to be published. On a daily basis she has a few hundred characters, storylines, and ideas floating around in her mind. If she isn't on Pinterest or Instagram looking for her next muse, you can find her on Twitter or Facebook. When she's writing, hiding in her cave, she's happiest. If you can't find her sitting behind her MacBook writing about hot alpha males, she's probably drinking coffee at a little coffee shop, or wine tasting one of the few hundred wine farms in her home city of Cape Town, in South Africa. She also has an addiction to reading and reviewing books, TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream. Always looking for a new book to get lost in, Dani's favorite authors include - M Never, Meghan March, M Andrews, BB Reid, Whitney D, EL James, Sylvia Day, Sierra Simone, K Webster, and that's just to name a few!

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