Feb 5, 2016

Blog Tour & Reviews -- Destroyed by the Bad Boy by Madison Collins

Madison Collins
Releasing on January 29, 2016

This book contains two complete erotic romance novellas with no cliffhangers.

Stranded ...

On the way to our parents wedding in the mountains, the mother of all snow storms attacks, leaving me stranded in a remote cabin with my new stepbrother.

My hot as hell, I-need-to-change-my-panties because-they’re-soaked, cocky asshole of a stepbrother, Bentley McAllister.

The kicker of it all?

The only items he's packed are liquor and condoms, and he’s looking at me like he wants to put both to good use.

My name is Sierra, and my libido can only take so much.

Send help!

Caged ...

Two brothers...
One girl...

Rising stars in the cage fighting circuit, Cage and Tripp Garrett are as close as two brothers can be. Fiercely competitive and smoldering with intensity, neither has ever lost a fight. Until they face their toughest opponent yet: Lily.

They both want her. But neither can have her. Lily is as off-limits as they come. They make a pact that the tough-as-nails daughter of their trainer will never come between them.

Until one of them begins to fall in love. Then all is fair in love and war.

Caged is a sexy, fast-paced love story with a punch.

Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content.


“Listen, princess.” I lift her chin toward mine, meeting this gorgeous big blue eyes.  “I’m not sure if you noticed, but we’re stranded together in the middle of fucking nowhere, with only each other to count on.  You can fight me all you want, but there’s one thing you need to understand.  I’m going to protect you.  I’m going to take care of you.  And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m six-foot-four, and probably have a hundred pounds on you.  My body is going to produce a lot more heat than yours.  Now calm the fuck down, and let me get you warm.  Got it, sweetheart?”  Her fighting stops immediately.

She nods, coyly, blinking those baby blues at me, all of her anger disappearing.  “Got it.” Her voice is small, and I suddenly feel like a dick.

“Good. Glad we’re on the same page.” I tug her body closer so we’re pressed tightly together, and I hold her to my chest, wrapping her in my arms. A contented little sigh escapes her lips. The top of her head doesn’t even reach my chin. She packs a lot of sass for such a small thing.  I inhale, and breathe in the scent of her shampoo. The smell of vanilla and lavender fill my nose.  Damn, who knew that combination could be so perfect?  It’s intoxicating and I can feel my body slowly start to react to the smell and the images my mind starts to produce.  The way her slight curves mold to my body serves to warm me up pretty damn quick.

After several moments, we’re both warmer. “There.  Is that better?” I ask, releasing my hold on her before I sport an awkward boner. A few deep breaths are in order; otherwise things are going to get real weird, real fast.

Stranded With My Stepbrother

"He was unreasonable and blunt and sexy as hell. It drove me batty to admit it, but there it was. Bentley was a man-whore and a pain in the ass, but man was he hot."

Ok, so I wish this was longer!!!! 

I really liked Bentley and Sierra! I love how they "hate" each other, but secretly are head over heels for the other. The 'ol love/hate relationship that we all love to read. 

Yes, it's taboo for step siblings to get together, but it's also exciting to read. You get to see the struggle with both of them to try and contain their feelings, but being secluded in a cabin in the middle of a blizzard changes things. 

"You can fight me all you want, but there's one thing you need to understand. I'm going to protect you. Im going to take care of you."

This short story gave you an entire range of feelings while reading. You laughed at their jabs to each other, you secretly wished they would just go for what they wanted, and you cheered (and fanned yourself) when they finally came together. 

It was a hot, little read and I really enjoyed it!! Can't wait to read more from this author!! 

"What the hell were you thinking, Sierra?"
"I was so worried. I thought I had lost you. It made me realize that my feelings for you run deeper than just a great physical connection. I want you. I need you."
"I need you too."



"The problem is, it's not just her body I want-it's her. She's adorable, feisty, and tough. She's everything I could ever hope to want in a woman. Too bad she's off limits."
Holy jeez!!! 

This book was H-A-W-T!!! 

I love the concept! Two brothers like the same girl, but they said that neither would make a move. Even though one is really wanting too.

A girl who likes two brothers, but her father trains them and it wouldn't go well. But she secretly likes one more than the other. 

"There's something about the tough outer shell of his that makes me want to crack it and find out what's underneath. Would he be sweet and gentle in bed, or ruthless?"

Cage and Tripp Garrett are some sexy as hell, fighters with naughty mouths that say all the right things. Lily had no chance with these two! 

One night changes everything between the three of them. That's right...the three of them. *grabs fan*

Now their relationship has altered and hearts are on the line. But whose will be redeemed?! 

"You talk too much for a man about to get incredibly lucky."
"Luckiest man in the world."

I realllllly liked this book!!! I wish there was more. I NEED more of these brothers!! 

So good! 

"I've got you!"
"Yeah. You've got me."

Madison Collins is the author of romantic short stories such as Caged, Stranded with My Stepbrother and the upcoming Monster Prick. She enjoys the occasional stiff cocktail, and watching romantic comedies. Most days you can find her curled up with a good book. She currently resides in New Jersey.

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