Jan 14, 2016

Release Blitz & Review -- Branding A Legacy by H.J. Bellus

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Branding A Legacy 
A Silver Star Ranch Novel

Trying to get ahead isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when your sense of honor and integrity is being tested when taking the high road. Being kicked down when working with a high standard gets old real quick and Marvel Slatter is no stranger to this cruel way of life.

He’s idolized his Granddad and brothers growing up on Silver Star Ranch while working his fingers to the bone branding their legacy.

What happens when an honorable man is pushed too far?

He snaps. Seeking revenge blinds Marvel. He demands one thing and one thing only: his fair share of money for training a group of colts. Marvel refuses to let Saint take advantage of his family one more time. Enough is enough in his book.

With his brothers hovering over him, Marvel is forced to lie to his family. He’s not proud of it, but convinces himself it’s in the best interest of Silver Star to stand up to Saint.

His decisions lead to fatal tragedies. Hurt so real and deep, no one is safe or promised the guarantee of a tomorrow.

Will Silver Star Ranch and the Slatters triumph in the face of adversity or will their legacy fold forever?

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"It's a simple equation really-take a ruthless villain, add in a hardworking and loyal family and you get the classic fairytale of the good guy getting f**ked over. Gossip, have your own opinion, but never take from my table."

*Stands up*
*Raises arms*
*Bows down to HJ Bellus*

A-freakin-mazing ending to this wonderful series!!

Throughout this series, I have waited for Marvel's story. He was the little brother that kind of stood in the background for a while...until he couldn't take anyone hurting his family anymore. He had a drive unlike his brothers. He was willing to go above and beyond a dangerous situation, but sometimes those chances go too far.

Clover was a girl with a head full of dreams and a heart of gold. She put all she had into becoming the nurse she dreamt of being. Because of that, fate was placed in her healing hands. Her life would forever change because of a family full of cowboys and a grandfather who brought them into her world.

"I've never seen someone so determined and damn right hell bent on not being saved. Yet, when my lips touched his marred skin I've never felt higher."

Marvel and Clover butted heads...a lot, but that didn't mean Clover couldn't try to get through Marvel's broken spirit. I'm not going to lie, they each had their own way of breaking my heart. Whether it was because of Clover's determination to become successful no matter what her family said. Or the fact that Marvel was so broken, he couldn't even see past the pain.

I knew this book was going to be a doozy! I knew my emotions woud run high throughout the pages. I didn't expect to tear up in almost every. single. chapter!!

"I'd save you all over again. I'm sorry, but I would. I barely know you Marvel Slatter, and I know that you're worth it."

"I know deep in my gut I'm branding a legacy and getting our pride back."

I also loved that, like the other two books, HJ Bellus incorporates all the characters in every book. You don't feel like you're missing any of their stories. 

The Slatter family is a tight knit group, and the way they rally around each other is wonderful. This story shows that even when one member feels their world falling apart, the others are right there to pick him back up and push him forward again.

"She saved me, and I've destroyed her."

"I didn't pick him, my heart did."

Thank you, HJ Bellus!

This book was everything I hoped it would be and more! The emotions, the tears, the plot twists and turns, the swoonworthy moments, and the feeling of a family united is what made this book-this series-what it was!

The ending left me a blubbering mess, but it was absolute perfection!  Well done, HJ!

"Maybe we can find each other."
"I think we can, Clover."

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I'm just a simple girl who loves the country life.. .oh yeah! & a good corn dog! Throw in a little Vanilla Ice, and shits bound to get crazy! Be brave...

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