Oct 1, 2015

Author Spotlight-- Carol Davis

Author Spotlight

Carol Davis

Picture an 11-year-old girl with pen in hand, spiral notebook in her lap. That was me, back in the beginning: a shy little girl with glasses, who wanted more stories about her favorite characters...so she wrote them.

And nothing ever really changes.

What's been most important to me throughout my life is FAMILY, and that's what I write about - whether the story involves a couple of investigative reporters digging into a series of mysterious drownings, or a young girl who discovers that her colony's alien "staff" is being mistreated and killed, or a harried woman searching for "something simple." It all comes down to FAMILY, the one we're born with, and the ones we build through marriage, friendship, and shared experiences.

I was a secretary for 38 years. Now I'm a full-time writer and editor. I work on a laptop, but at heart I'm still a little girl with a pen who's anxious to share her stories.

Twitter: @caroldficwriter)

Book Highlight

Randi Gibson is turning 30, and she’s giving herself a present: two weeks at Cape Cod, with only her pet African Grey for company. It’s the perfect break from noisy neighbors, a demanding job, and constant reminders of her recent breakup. 

But her “No-Hormone-Zone” mom, her flustered boss, and her party-girl best friend can’t bear to let her go. She’ll lose her marbles out there by herself, they warn. It’s dangerous, being alone. One by one, they show up to take care of her… and soon, Randi’s only sanctuary is the local convenience store, and the company of its handsome owner, his boisterous nephew, and a kind old man who advises Randi to follow her heart, no matter where it leads.

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