Jul 15, 2015

Promotional Tour & Reviews -- Lone Star Series by Ruth Cardello



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Taken, Not Spurred


 From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ruth Cardello comes the steamy debut to the Lone Star Burn series.

 Would-be writer Sarah Dery has just turned twenty-five and feels like her life is on hold. She's done squat with her English degree and is just killing time working for her parents. So, when the opportunity to spend the summer working on a ranch in Texas comes her way, she jumps at the chance, figuring it might be just the jolt she needs to get her creative juices flowing. 

 Tony Carlton is a handsome and reclusive horse trainer with a tortured past and an eye for trouble, this time in the form of a naked blonde stranger he finds in his shower. 

 The wrong turn that led Sarah into the arms of this sexy, brooding cowboy turns out to be just what she needed to find her steamy inner voice, but will their connection be enough to break down Tony's defenses?



"No real adventure ever started by waiting patiently on the doorstep."

Sarah Dery was determined that her road trip to Texas was going to change her life for the better. She was needing a new outlook on life, and inspiration for the book she had bouncing around in her head.

She had no idea that one mistake (taking a shower in the wrong house counts as a mistake, right?!) would led her to everything she was missing in her life. Plus, who doesn't want a brooding cowboy to stare at all day? ;)

"Here was a woman who seemed unaware that a man could have the air sucked out of his lungs and be rendered speechless by just one look at her."

Tony Carlton liked his privacy. He wasn't a man of many words and he liked being away from everything that reminded him of his past pain. So when he found a beautiful woman in his house, he lost all sense of what he had mapped out for his life.

Suddenly, his world was turned upside down and he didn't know how to handle it. What he did know was that he wasn't going to let Sarah go that easy.

"It had been years since anything had made his heart race and his breath catch in his throat. Something about this woman pulled at a part of him he'd long considered dead."

I loved the push and pull between Sarah and Tony. They both had pain they were fighting from their pasts, and neither knew how much they needed the other.

I like that even though Tony seemed rough around the edges, Sarah brought out the softer side of him. She brought out the man that no one ever saw, and that's what drew me into this story even more.

"I want you to stay."
"Do you always get what you want?"

Goodness me. I really liked Tony! Plus, the man was hot. I mean HAWT. Grab a cowboy hat to fan yourself steamy! 

Another great part about this book was how Sarah was writing a book within it. I liked seeing her come up with her story along the way. It's further proof that great stories come from personal experience:)

"You're incorrigible."
"And you're addictive."

Another aspect of the story was learning about the secondary characters. I fell in love with them all! I can see a lot of how the series could pan out because each character has their own story to tell. Soooo good!

"Life is scary, but I think it's supposed to be. If you're living it right, that is."
"What do you want from me, Sarah?"
"A chance."

Great book and wonderful start to this series! I laughed, swooned, and wept! All good things in reading:) 

Can't wait to start book two!!!

"There are no winners in tragedy, only people struggling to survive the aftermath."

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Tycoon Takedown


 Melanie Hanna has finally worked up the courage to travel to New York and tell an old flame that he’s the father of her young son. She’s done hiding and apologizing for her one impulsive night. When her best friend asks her brother to watch over Melanie, her emotional trip takes an unexpected and sizzling detour. 

 Charles Dery is at the top of his game, but all he can think about is bedding the woman he was asked to protect. When she’s almost killed, he takes what he’d been denying himself and discovers he’ll do anything to keep her—even break his own rules. 

 When it comes to love, two wrongs may just finally make a right



"Whoever said time heals was full of it."

Oh my goodness! I though I loved the first Lone Star book, but this one has become my favorite!!

Melanie and Charles are the epitome of opposites attract! Which made this story so enjoyable! Add in Melanie's adorable son, Jace, and this story stole my heart!

"She was a weakness he refused to give in to. She didn't belong in his life any more than he belonged in hers. Entertaining the possibility of more, even for a moment, would be a monumental mistake."

Melanie was headed to New York on a trip she never wanted to take, but had finally got up the courage to do it. She didn't know a soul there except for the one person she couldn't get off her mind. The one person that would never go for a single mom from a one-horse town in Texas. Even if he was her best friend's brother.

Charles couldn't stop thinking about the head-strong girl he met in Texas while visiting his sister. When Sarah calls with a favor to watch out for her best friend, Melanie, while she was in town, he couldn't resist the offer. Maybe he could et her out of his system once and for all.

Silly boy.

"He barely knew her. But he wanted to. He wanted that more than he had wanted anything in a very long time."

The attraction between these two was incredible. It was instant...and HAWT! Some scenes made you grab a fan to cool off. Whew!

Another thing that made this book worth while is that both Melanie and Charles are having trouble moving forward from their pasts. Those same pasts are what make them question their own relationship. 

"Melanie instincts had been right. Charles was as trapped in the past as she was. She just wasn't sure either one of them had what it took to free the other."

I will admit that parts of this story made me tear up. I'm a sucker for stories about family, and especially children. It just pulls at my heartstrings, and this one pulled hard.

I like that Melanie wasn't a girly girl. She stood up for herself, and would fight hard for her and her son. She always put him first no matter what.

"Please. Just go."
"I can't."
"Because I don't want to be anywhere else."
"I don't, either."

I love these two so much and I also liked catching up with all the characters from this series and meeting some new ones. This was the first series from Ruth I've read, and she now has a fan in me!

Melanie and Charles' story made my heart so happy! I truly enjoyed every bit of it and I can't wait for more Lone Star stories:)

"You need to stop looking at yourself through the lens of everything you've done wrong and see everything you've done right."

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Author Picture

Ruth Cardello was born the youngest of 11 children in a small city in northern Rhode Island. She spent her young adult years moving as far away as she could from her large extended family. She lived in Boston, Paris, Orlando, New York--then came full circle and moved back to Rhode Island. She now happily lives one town over from the one she was born in. For her, family trumped the warmer weather and international scene.

 She was an educator for 20 years, the last 11 as a kindergarten teacher. When her school district began cutting jobs, Ruth turned a serious eye toward her second love- writing and has never been happier. When she's not writing, you can find her chasing her children around her small farm, riding her horses, or connecting with her readers online.


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