Jul 2, 2015

Blog Tour & Review-- Stumbling In by M.R. Joseph


Everyone in Sandy Cove knows that Willow Taylor and Max Vincent are like oil and
water. They live to torment one another and if they survive being in the same room together, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Sure, Willow is rich, blonde and beautiful and Max is an achingly hot and talented up and coming rock star—but that just makes it easier for them to hate one another!

Until one night. One drunken night. It was just supposed to be a night of celebration after each of their best friends’, Harlow and Cruz, were reunited. But a few hours of civility leads to one night of unbridled, earth-shattering, cataclysmic sex. It doesn’t help that the details are sketchy in their minds because the off-the-charts after effects still linger. One thing is clear…that night changed everything. 

From that moment on, sabotaging each other’s hook-ups was their primary goal until a truce is made. A pact. No strings attached, no feelings, just more of what their bodies crave whenever they see one another. They both get what they want and no one gets hurt. 

Until someone does. Until love and tragedy gets in the way. The heat between Willow and Max is undeniable but will that spark of desire be enough to sustain them through the pain and heartache that threatens them?


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Excerpt From Max-
Stumbling In-The Shore Series Book 3

     I go to her and place my hand on her shoulder, and she turns around and I’m faced with the most unexpected thing that I think has ever happened. Willow turns around and grabs handfuls of my shirt and pulls me to her soft, wanting lips. She kisses me, and it’s just not a kiss that breathes lust but it breathes the fire of passion, of meaning. It makes my hair stand on end and leaves the skin beneath electrified. The soft motion of her mouth with mine, the scent of her hair and the taste of her tongue dancing inside my mouth, spins me into oblivion. There’s more to this kiss. I feel it in my bones. I feel it in my soul. She kisses me like we are music. We are the rhythm joining together with the notes and the melody. I grasp the back of her head and thread my fingers in her hair softly. I deepen the kiss and I reach the point where I swim in this moment so deep that I don’t want to come to the surface… and that’s when she pulls away and I know I’m fucked. 

     I’m so fucking fucked.

     She holds her lips with her long, slender fingers. Her eyes find mine and I’m still lost in whatever that was. I can’t even ask her because I can’t even speak. It wasn’t the normal wanton kiss that happens between us when we just use each other. No, oh no, this was something else. 

     “Willow…” She holds up her hand to stop me.

     “Let’s just leave it at that, Max.”
      I walk past her slowly as I hear the relentlessness of the bus’s horn and slide open the door to her room. I turn around and she’s already back to leaning on the rail. Her body turned to the calm waters. The sun shines down on her bare, bronzed shoulders and the wind picks up and blows her hair around again. It’s the last time I’ll see her in person for a while and after that kiss, my head and something else right at this very moment doesn’t want it to be the last time. It’s not the right time to analyze what that kiss was. Maybe it was a goodbye kiss. A proper send off. The end of whatever we were to each other. Was it a blessing for me to go and see where it goes with Cora? What was that? I’ll tell you what it was. The unexpected.

     “I’ll miss you, Willow.” Not being so sure she can hear me, I say it as I walk out the door.  I leave her with my brain consisting of mush and my lips already feeling some sort of loss. 

      Most of all… a lot to think about.


"Max hates me and I hate him too. He does annoy the sh*t out of me, but I am strangely attracted to him. When he sings on stage with his band, my panties feel like they will spontaneously combust."

I have been *patiently* waiting for this book. I love all the characters in The Shore Series! Willow and Max are by far the most entertaining!!!

Just by reading the prologue, I was hooked! That was the funniest thing I have read in a long time! 
"Oh no here comes a baby thumb. Ovaries, take cover."
I literally fell over laughing during those few pages. Hilarious!!

Max and Willow have never been the best of friends-they really can't stand each other. But when they wake up in bed together...hungover...and naked, everything changes. Even if they choose to ignore what happened, it still did and they will never be the same.

"Love. It's too confusing. It's messy. I'm not sure I could handle it in my life."

Denial. That's what they both are dealing with. No matter how much they try to stay away from each other, they can't. So they stick to what they know--being awful to each other. Again, it's too funny watching them sabotage each other's "booty calls".  Jealousy is a powerful thing. Especially when you aren't expecting it.

"She looks a mess but a gorgeous one. No use in denying it. Too bad she's the daughter of Satan. I will never be able to win Willow Taylor. No matter how nice or sarcastic I am."

Not only is this book humorous, but also powerful in the underlying message of acceptance, friendship, and forgiveness.

Willow and Max are the definition of opposites attract. But how fun would it be if they weren't?! They had different childhoods, they have different future goals, but one thing is for certain, they can't live without each other.

There are events in this book that left me so heartbroken, but I had hope. I would be smiling one minute and be shedding a tear the next. That's how you know a book has reached into your emotions-your soul.

"Second thoughts?"
"Then why the look?"
"No look. I want this. I have no idea why, but I do."
"Me either."

They also give all new meaning to "friends with benefits". Lawd have mercy!! I mean anywhere and everywhere. Their relationship reminds me of the song "Dirty Little Secret", because that's what they are to each other. It's a passion they can't contain!

"I will admit being with her, it's becoming somewhat of an addiction. The times I'm not banging her up against the wall, I'm thinking of banging her against the wall. It's insane."

I have completely fallen in love with Willow and Max! 
Unlikely allies they became and that lead to a romance neither saw coming!

M.R. Joseph perfectly showcased each POV! I felt each of their feelings, shared their heartache, and wanted to shove them into each others arms so fast they couldn't see straight!

"Never thought I'd start to need him until he wasn't here. I never thought it would be him that I wanted."

"Willow Taylor is in every song I sing. Every note I play, every word I write in my lyric book. She's everything."

Goodness me!! This book was everything and more!
I loved visiting with the whole Shore gang and to read Willow and Max's story! M.R. Joseph truly has a gift in her storytelling. She hooks me in every single time!

I can't wait to come back and revisit in the next book!

"When you stumble and fall, there's no warning. It just happens. We can't control it and we can't control how others handle the fall. We can only control how we do as individuals."


I'm a book nerd turned writer who loves the 'Happily Ever After' mixed with a bit of suspense, drama, and the occasional cliffhanger! My love of books started me on my writing journey. I began writing my first book in July 2012 and since that time I have created 2 series. The first series 'The Reunion Series' debuted in November 2012 and two books followed. My new series 'The Shore Series" debuted in March 2014 and claimed Best Selling status shortly after the release of the first book. There will be 6 Shore Series books in all. I’m also the author of the Romantic Comedy, 39 & Holding. I live in Philadelphia with my adoringly handsome husband, and pretty cute kids if I may say so myself. You can always find me with the Kindle glued to my hands or in my car with the music turned up while
embarrassing my children with my mad car dancing skills.


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