Jun 10, 2015

Release Blitz & Review--- More Than A Fling by Amber Nation

Title: More Than A Fling
Series: A Cottage Grove Novel
Author: Amber Nation
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 9, 2015

Julia Caldwell has long since mastered the art of seduction in order to catch the only thing on her radar; one night stands. Having two failed marriages under her belt, she’s learned to keep her feelings in check and remain aloof, not wanting to get caught up in another pesky relationship only for it to end eventually in heartache. As the manager of a prestigious Hair Salon in Nashville, she succeeds in keeping the opposite sex at arms-length except when it suits her and her needs. That is until she lands on Cottage Grove soil.

Dean Parker has just as many failed marriages against him, and with being a divorce lawyer it eventually has him thinking that’s why his conquests always fall through, due to his occupation. After seeing his two childhood friends rekindle their flame and earning the happily ever after he so desperately craves, he decides to give up. That it’s not worth the heartache he’s been put through. Until he meets the snarky spitfire who gets under his skin.

Throwing the two of them together in the same town for the wedding of their best friends, Julia isn’t against having another fling, even if it is with Dean, but he definitely has other plans of making it more than that. Amongst their non-defined affair, lurking somewhere in the darkness is a shadow from one of their pasts who will stop at nothing to make sure that happily ever after’s stay where they belong, in the fairy tales.

The auction finally ended and I looked up to find Dean jumping down from the stage and rapidly stalking in my direction. Instead of him being happy about me outbidding everyone and donating to an amazing cause, he had a murderous glare on his face.
“Oh shit,” I heard Baylor mutter.
Oh shit was right. I quickly rose from my seat and ran up to him to try and defuse the situation. What started out as a silly prank and the evidence of my jealousy, ended up hurting him and I had no one to blame but myself for putting that thunderous look on his face. My chest ached for believing I hurt him.
He continued storming forward until we were nose to nose and I had no other choice but to walk backwards to avoid being run over.
His steps didn’t falter until I was completely pressed flat up against the wall and his arms came up around me, boxing me in so I couldn’t move. He gave me no option other than accepting the brutal tongue lashing that was about to be bestowed upon me.
Dean’s chest was heaving up and down, his labored breathing matching my own, and his eyes were narrowed at me. “What the fuck kind of game are you getting at here?” He spat in my face through his clenched teeth. My heart was beating so fast in my chest that I swore he could hear it, hell, maybe even the entire room could hear it. I couldn’t form a coherent thought as my eyes flicked from his lips back up to his eyes. He didn’t skip a beat as he pushed his groin into me and it was clearly evident that this little encounter was turning him on. A loud moan managed to slip from my lips as his hard length pressed into my belly.
I hadn’t ever been a fan of voyeurism, but I was practically ready to beg him to lift up my dress and fuck me right there, audience be damned.
“Are you finished being a bitch and trying to ward me off?” He gently brushed his nose across mine, “I promise you it’ll be explosive.” His breath skimmed my ear and just as I thought he was about to dip his head down and press his lips to mine, he took a step back, turned on his heels and began walking away from me, seemingly unaffected.

My 5-Star Review

"Life was full of unexpected chances, and you never knew if it'd be the right moment if you didn't face it head on."

Amber Nation has done it again!! I really liked Dean and Julia in More Than A Memory, but now I LOVE them! The dynamic between the two of them is great. They fight each other so much, but underneath it all, they are so alike.

After they have both had two fail marriages, both Dean and Julia don't see themselves ever falling in love again. Funny thing about fate...

"That man invoked some serious feelings that hadn't been dredged up in years."

"Something about her made me want her with every fiber of my being."

When their two best friends decide to get married, they are pushed together as best man and maid of honor. Of course, they aren't too thrilled about it...on the outside. On the inside, they secretly pine after each other and I loved watching it unfold!

"I wanted to go to her. I wanted to drag her down into the darkest part of the hallway and devour her. I wanted to make her mine. If only we didn't hate each other."

"To me, he was the epitome of sex, it was just too bad he completely killed the mood whenever he opened his mouth."

There is a very thin line between love and hate, and seeing Dean and Julia stradle that line was awesome. I love a good dual POV. You see both sides of the story and what they are feeling at the same time. You got to see these two chracters struggle with not only their feelings for each other, but the battle of overcoming their pasts. 

Yes, they both had their fair share of failed marriages, but it went beyond that. Amber tells this story so well! It wasn't an instant "get you into bed" situation. This story had so many layers

All they wanted was a "fling", but they got much more than that. 
One touch, one kiss, one look...and they were goners.

"I thought that one measly romp between the sheets would be enough to get our fill of one another, but it seemed I was only lying to myself."

I could not get enough of Dean and Julia!! Their bantering was so entertaining and their love for one another made me swoon. I found myself getting emotional during the pivotal part of the story. They each had personal demons they tried to get rid of, but what was unknown to them was they needed each other to overcome their fears.

"Are you wanting to throw in the towel or throw down the gauntlet?"

THAT LINE!!! That line right there defined this whole story for me!!

I truly loved this story!! I was so happy to go back to Cottage Grove and see everyone again. And I'm so thankful more stories are coming:)

I might have fallen for Dean and all his snarky ways. The way all he had to do was say, "You like me." His story was a sad one,  but Julia holds my heart. Her story pulled at my heartstrings so much and I just wanted to hold her-be her friend.

Well done, Amber!!! I can't wait for the next visit to Cottage Grove:)

"What we had together was definitely worth More Than A Fling."

Amber is a stay at home mom currently residing in Southern Indiana with her husband and two beautiful daughters. If she’s not shopping, going to concerts or  roadtrips, or having her nose stuck in a book you’ll often find her at the ball field watching one of the numerous sports that her girls are involved in.

She is the author of the contemporary romance Brown County Series, titles include Not Alone, Runaway Love, How To Save A Life, and Unconditionally (M/M). And Cottage Grove series, More Than A Memory.


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