Jun 25, 2015

Promo & Review Post-- Hold On To Me by Lucia Franco


John Jackson.

He’s a sweet talking Georgia boy, rough around the edges with an irresistible smile. John sets his sights on the new girl, determined to show her what his small town is about. But she isn’t as accepting as he thought and she rejects him at every turn.

The beauty and boldness of Alyssa Winters stirs John’s blood. She quickly works her way under his skin and becomes a constant in his life – his best friend, his other half. As the attraction between the two friends grows, John wants more. 

She pushes, he pulls.

When one reckless night of fun wreaks havoc on John, Alyssa risks it all to ease his pain, giving him the one thing he desires most...her. But John’s sadness runs too deep, the damage, irreparable.

He runs, she falls.

John must work to prove himself. Despite everything, Alyssa is the one person he doesn't want to live without. The stakes are high, and he’s willing to bet it all. Even if it means he’s left to suffer alone.

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"John didn't know what had gotten into him, but there was something about Alyssa that made him want to get to know her."

Wow!! This book was incredible!! 

I went in thinking this book was going to be this whirlwind romance, but I was wrong. It was so much more. Yes, you fell into absolute love with Alyssa and John, but the events that happen to them, and around them, truly made this story one of a kind.

You instantly feel the connection between the two of them from the get-go. You fall in love with them and their friends. You mentally push them together even though she fights him. You're immersed into their world and the pages are soon flying by.

"What are you doing?"
"Staring at you."
"Because you're beautiful. And because I want to kiss you."

When you think this story is going well for John and Alyssa, you are hit with something so heartbreaking and gut-wrenching that you want to throw your kindle, grab a huge bowl of ice cream, and cry into the bowl! I honestly didn't know if I could get past it. It hit home to me in so many ways, but it was written so well that I knew I needed to push through. I'm so glad I did.

This book took many twists and turns. You got mad and angry, then you were swooning, then you wanted to throw your kindle again. It was soooooo good!!

"Nothing in life is planned and we always have a choice, Alyssa. We make our choices. No one can hold us responsible for them but ourselves."

This story was truly wonderful! From start to finish, I was trapped in this world. I couldn't get enough and I wanted more!

John and Alyssa's story truly shows that there is always light at the end of a tunnel. Well done, Lucia!!

"Hold on to me. Use me, Alyssa. Get what you need."

Author Bio

Lucia Franco lives in South Florida with her husband and two boys. When she’s not hard at work on her next novel, you can find her relaxing with her toes in the sand at a nearby beach.

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