Jun 15, 2015

Mickey Reed - Daily Q&A Journals


Hey there! I'm SO excited to finally formally announce the first of hopefully many journals I'll be publishing. This one is the original, and it'll be the format the rest of them will follow. Each day, the same questions are asked in order to observe and track personal growth. And every 30 days, there's a different check-in to evaluate goal accomplishments. Check it out on Amazon, Goodreads, and CreateSpace for more details or contact me directly. :) Thanks!

Checking in with your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis is important for personal growth. If you aren’t sure where you stand, how can you possibly move forward and grow? Journaling is a great way to examine your feelings, your patterns in mood and emotions, and your progress toward achieving your goals. 

The questions in this journal will allow you to focus on positivity, kindness, and productivity. Each question should reveal if you got the most out of your day, practiced gratitude, and concentrated on the positive side of things. 

If you didn’t, they will encourage you to try again tomorrow.

Coming Soon

The Free Spirit Edition
The Fitness Edition
The Mothers Edition
The Five Essentials Edition

Mickey Reed is the author of positivity, kindness, and productivity journals and workbooks. She's also a fitness and wellness coach, writer of fiction, avid reader, editor, wife, pet mom, stepmom, blogger, plant-based vegan, positivity warrior, and addict of dessert. When she's not reading, writing, or spreading a positive message, she's likely working out, snuggling her dogs, posting photos on Instagram, or going to the movies with her husband.

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