Jun 16, 2015

Blog Tour & Review-- Forget by N.A. Alcorn

Book: Forget (Changing Colors #1)
Author: N.A. Alcorn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date – 16th June


Brooke Sawyer is a successful record producer living in L.A. She has endured a lifetime’s worth of pain, but despite everything she’s been through, she still has the biggest heart. She’d do anything for the ones she loves, even putting their needs above her own.  

 When she visits Paris for one month, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with gorgeous musician, Dylan Bissette. But he doesn't know about Brooke's life back home. He doesn't know about Jamie. 

 The best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one.

 ~ Falling in love was not part of the plan. He broke down my walls. And the moment he whispered, "You've wrecked me, Little Wing," I was done for. I didn’t mean to fall in love, but Dylan made it too easy. ~ 

Meeting her was fate. Pursuing her was a choice. But falling in love with her was out of my control. Brooke ruined me for everyone else. ~ 

 Music connects them, but secrets may keep them apart. This is just the beginning. Changing Colors, Part One

Author Bio

N.A. Alcorn resides in Northern Kentucky with her husband and son. Never following the norm, her style of romance “flies [outside the box.]” She is the author of the wildly hilarious Infamous Series, and has also delved into romantic suspense with her third release, Covertly Strong.
She loves music, can’t take a proper selfie if her life depended on it, refuses to parallel park, and probably has the most obnoxious laugh you’ll ever hear. If she could live off coffee and Reese’s Cups, she’d be one happy lady.
Procrastinator at heart, N.A. tells herself she’ll meet every deadline. Tomorrow. She’ll finish it tomorrow, she swears.
She loves meeting readers. Always feel free to send her an email or message.

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My 5-Star Review

"I don't know if it's Paris or Dylan, but I feel like color has been added to my world of dark gray pain."


N.A. Alcorn amazes me more and more!! Brooke and Dylan's story is funny, sexy, and full of music!!

When Brooke's beloved grandmother, Millie, passes away, she finds herself reliving the trip that Millie took many years ago- a trip to Paris. Millie was one smart cookie! She planned everything from the places she would go and the food she would try. It's all on the Bucket List.

I love that Brooke was so connected to her grandmother. She listens to everything she tells her to do from beyond the grave. What she didn't expect was to meet the one person that would completely flip her world upside down and a meet-cute so funny it should be in a movie!!

"I want to get drunk off his smile and have a million of his smile's half-British, half-French babies. His full lips make me think of French kisses, which lead me to think about him naked again. I'm hopeless."

That's right!!! Dylan, oh Dylan!! He's half-British, half-French, but allllll kinds of sex on a stick!! Did I mention he's a musician? Cause, yeah, he totally is! Right from their first conversation, you can feel the attraction through the pages.
 Heck, I was head over heels for him and I know he's fictional! :P

What started out as a cute back and forth flirtation turned into a hot and heavy relationship that couldn't be denied! But this story had more than just the sex appeal. There was a whole other dynamic of friendship, grief, secrets, and music lingo that keep me turning the pages.

"Dylan is the kind of man that magnetizes, entrances everyone in his path. He makes you want to know every detail about him. And I want to know, I really want to know."

Like I said, this book has so many musical references and I loved every bit of it!! The chapters are song titles and so many songs grace the pages throughout. Also, the nicknames "Little Wing" and "Bright Eyes" made me smile every time they are spoken, What is it about a nickname?!

"Tell me you feel it too, Brooke."

You will get sucked into the world of Brooke and Dylan! You will love their family and friends. But most of all, you will see that not all whirlwind romances are the same. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the last few chapters!

Just as much as I was loving this story, I was hating the fact that it was closing. One good thing is that it does continue...thank jeebus!!! I will promise you this...you might be wanting to throw your kindle like I did at the end;)

"She has become my constant distraction."

I can not wait until Blur!!!  I need more of Brooke and Dylan!! Their story is not over and I'm excited to see what's next for them. I have so many questions that were left unanswered.

N.A. Alcorn is such a great storyteller! Well done!!

"Home isn't Paris or L.A. And it's not city lights or gorgeous parks or winding coblestones. Home is green eyes, strong arms, and a thousand smiles. Full lips, a gorgeous voice, and a playful laugh. Home is right her with Dylan. It's the only place I want to be, but the one place I can't stay."


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