May 4, 2015

Tiffany's Review of Becoming Countess Dumont by K. Webster

Becoming Countess Dumont by K Webster Becoming Her #2 
Publication Date: May 2015 

Genres: HistoricalRomance


Edith Merriweather has done deplorable things in her past, including breaking her younger sister’s heart by betraying her in the most unforgiveable way. Edith is ready to come clean and beg for forgiveness when a handsome stranger enters her life.

He offers her an escape from reality, where she is destined to be a poor, single woman for the rest of her years. This man entices her with a contract she simply cannot refuse. 

 The great Earl of Havering, Alexander Dumont, has chosen to wed Edith.

 But not because the playboy loves her. No, Alexander needs a wife in order to convince his father that he’s settled down and capable of inheriting their exorbitant amount of wealth. He promises to lavish Edith with his riches and indulge her in any desire she could ever want, including allowing her to have as many lovers as she so pleases. And the most appealing part of it all is she’ll also become a countess. 

 Together, Alexander and Edith conspire to pull off one of the greatest deceptive acts of their time. Somewhere along the way, though, the lines of their faux marriage become blurred and something altogether foreign enters the picture.


 Will becoming Countess Dumont weaken Edith’s heart, which she’s always kept protected under a hard, callous outer shell? And if Alexander breaks her vulnerable heart, will she be able to continue the sham of their marriage or reveal the falsehood to his father?

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My Review

"I slide a palm up her cheek and stroke her gently. This shouldn't feel so comfortable. However, I find myself relaxing and losing consciousness as I hold this woman. My wife. 
When did things change?"

Holy WOW!! 
After I read Becoming Lady Thomas, I was hooked! I had to know what happened to Edith and Alexander. Their story was just what I'd hoped it would be! Even if they started out as just an agreement, it didn't take long to see more in each other's eyes. Maybe it was something they saw all along, but didn't want to believe it.

When reading the first book, I thought Edith was very spoiled and didn't seem to truly care about her sister's feelings. This book showed that Edith is much more fragile than she led on. She was actually broken, but was strong enough to push through it all. I found myself loving her

"A woman like myself really could fall for a man like him. She wouldn't even have to try that hard."

Alexander. Whoa, buddy! That man is mysterious, sexy, sweet, and he loves his mama! That's a plus! Ha! 
Did I mention sexy? Because Lawd!! 
The best thing I liked about him was that he also was fighting an internal battle -- a battle of acceptance from his family. He was now ready to prove his worth and Edith was his perfect partner.

"It will have to be us against them."

The more time Edith and Alexander spent together, the more they realized the attraction couldn't be denied. Trust me. The heat was melting off the pages. I found myself fanning my face quite a few times! I swear, I think that words sound even more sexy when the story is set back in time! 
K. Webster knows how to write a historical romance!!

"This man makes no sense to me. I hate him, yet...I don't. I simply don't. In fact, I crave more of him. I crave the urge to slap him and then let him f**k me senseless."

"Edith infuriates me yet turns me on. She is crazier than any loon at an asylum, yet I want to keep her as mine."

I'm telling you!!! This book was just great! I loved getting to know Edith and Alexander more, meeting his family, and getting to see Elizabeth and Jasper again. These characters have settled in my brain and I NEED MORE!! 

I will sit by and *patiently* wait for the next book. I'm counting down the days! Keep these historical romances coming Mrs. Webster! You truly have a gift for them:)

"He thinks he'll have to pleasure me to get me to crave him. Well, he's incorrect in that thinking. 
I'm already hopelessly addicted to him."

"It baffles me how this woman was just as lonely and lost as I was six months ago. And now? Now, we're each other's everything."

Becoming Lady Thomas (Becoming Her Book 1)

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