Apr 3, 2015

Tiffany's Review of Becoming Lady Thomas by K. Webster


Elisabeth Merriweather has one destiny.

His name is William.

The moment William returns from university, he has promised to marry his childhood sweetheart, Elisabeth. Unfortunately, as he prepares to propose, they learn that her father has done the unthinkable. In an effort to save their farm, he has incurred an exuberant amount of gambling debts that he cannot ever repay and become involved with a man of incredible wealth and power.

His name is Lord Thomas.

When the debtor decides to pardon the debt in exchange for one simple favor, Elisabeth’s father wholeheartedly agrees. Lord Thomas, upon seeing the portrait of the three beautiful daughters, negotiates to marry the daughter of his choosing. 

He chooses Elisabeth.

What happens when Elisabeth’s entire life plan is overturned by one simple deal with the devil and she’s whisked away to London as his prize?

Will her traitorous heart fall for Lord Thomas, or will it stay true to William?

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My Review

"W-what are you doing to me?"
"I'm doing whatever I want."

I'm BLOWN AWAY!! Seriously, this book is amazing!! I love historical romance, and this one just shot to the top of my list!

Elizabeth was a very relatable character. She was the middle sister that was overlooked, but was absolutely beautiful from the inside out. At sixteen, she found the love of her life in William. While he was at University, she waited for him to make her his bride. Four years. My, how things change in four years.

As William and Elizabeth come back together, they are quickly torn back apart because of her father's mistakes. In an effort to save the farm, he offers one of his daughter's hands in exchange for his debt. Poor Lissa!!! She finally gets her man only to lose him again:(

"This time tomorrow, I shall set to seducing the woman of my literal dreams. She won't be Elizabeth Merriweather for long. Soon, she will be mine. Lady Thomas."

Jasper Thomas... MY LAWD!!!! He oozed sex and seduction right off the pages! I honsetly don't know how she didn't just throw herself at him from the start. I mean, goodness! You'll have to read it for yourself because I can't even begin to describe his appeal!

Lissa tries her hardest to get him to pick her older sister because she is beautiful and willing to leave with some random guy. Yeah, big sis realllllly drove me crazy! You love to hate her.

"But she's beautiful, and with her education--"
"She's not you."

I love how this young, innocent girl was thrown into the whirlwind known as Jasper, and she didn't just bow down to him. She faught with him, stood up for herself and her love of William. But it doesn't take long to see how very sexy this man truly is. I mean, I almost jumped into the book and yelled, "Take me instead!!"

"The way his soul attempts to climb inside me through our kiss both frightens and thrills me. Every hair on my body stands on end, and I can't help but realize how alive I feel. So wanted. So desired."

Can I also say that just having him call her Honeysuckle made my knees feel like jelly?! I could just hear him saying it in my head and...yeah, it's good;) 

I truly enjoyed every single thing about this book! From the first to the last page, I was hooked. I giggled a bit, I fanned myself a whole lot, and I swooned into a puddle of goo! So good!

I'm so excited that this is a series, because I need more from these characters!! I'm waiting *patiently* for the next one!

"You've ruined me for any other woman."
"I think you're ruining me too."

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