Mar 20, 2015

Blog Tour & Author Interview --- The Curious Tale of Gabrielle by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

Author: Zachary Paul Chopchinski
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Adventure, Historical Fiction

Book 1 in The Curious Tale of Gabrielle book series

~ Synopsis ~

A young Gabrielle is driven by her will to explore and see new things. She cannot stop or rest until all within her reach has been experienced and explored. Driven by an astounding will and lack of common fear, she finds herself able to face things most adults might fall before. Yet has there been a journey that has been meant specifically for her all along? Is there a path that has been created just for her to travel?

Follow Gabrielle as she ventures through the lives of many with the experience of only her own. What will happen as she discovers the livesand tragediesof the souls who choose her to see their story? Its a journey through history, life, and love unlike anything that could be imaginedexcept perhaps by a young girl.

~ Excerpt ~

     “Hello? Gabrielle pleaded with the silence, hoping for a response from anybody at this point. She could feel that something was wrong, as she found herself looking at the vase of flowers that she had admired the day before. She could feel her heart stop as she looked at the once beautiful vase of flowers. Something was terribly wrong, the flowers were all dead. Not only were they dead, but they had been dead for some time, by the look of them, as they were dried with most of their petals on the table. Gabrielles mouth hung ajar in shock. These flowers had been alive and vibrant not several hours ago. How is this possible?

            The urge to run came over her, as all of her senses were telling her to leave now and not look back. Something was wrong and she could feel it. She wasnt sure how, but she could feel that whatever it was, was in the next room, lying just out of site. Gabrielle wasnt sure how she knew this, but something was telling her as though it was being whispered into her ear. She stood frozen in fear for what felt like a lifetime when she heard the click again.

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~ Interview ~

1.       What is your favorite thing about being an author?

My favorite thing about being an author would have to be the ability to create something fantastic out of something so simple as a dream. Also, as silly as it sounds, I feel like Im giving myself a bit of immortality; something that can last forever.

2. What do you consider the hardest part about being an author?

For those of you who don't know me, I have a little bit of an attention deficit problem. So, I sit down at the computer to begin something that will be the next literary masterpiece and Im shortly stunted by phrases like: Oh look at this picture of this kitty stuck in a vase, all the food on Pinterest looks delicious! and HONEY! LOOK AT THIS VINE OF THIS KID DOING A THING!

3. Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest literary inspiration actuallyas cliched as is may soundis JK Rowling. I know this sounds strange, but my reasoning isn't necessarily because of the books she wrote, but what she accomplished personally. She built herself up from being basically a starving author into what she is now, only by following her dream. As a child, I lived inwell lets just say a bad neighborhood. There were times when three of my siblings and I shared a bed in a hotel room. As a kid, I basically read the Harry Potter books to escape my reality. The idea about being able to change your life by following your dreams is extremely inspiring to me and what has fueled me to take a chance on my own dream.

4. Do you have a favorite book/series?

This is a bit of a complicated question, because as I mentioned before, growing up my escape book was the Harry Potter series. That series was one that saw me through  some really rough times and was one that I made a deep personal connection to, so they will always have a special place in my heart. On that note, I feel that one of my favorite individual books of all time is The Hobbit. I feel that this book embodies what is an epic fairytale.

5. If you could collaborate with any author, who would it be and why?

Actually, if I could collaborate with one author, it would be Anne Rice. This is one of my wifes favorite authors and Im well versed in her stories. I feel that her stories are so interwoven and she does such great research on every aspect of her novels before hand. Im trying to aim my current series to be historically accurate, and this is something that she was able to do very successfully.

6. Your debut book, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle, is a very unique story. What made you think of that type of storyline?

I used to manage security for a building in downtown Portland. It was approaching my mother in laws birthday and I knew I needed to find her a gift. Fortunately in the complex of the building I worked at there was a quaint little antique shop. I thought I would go in there and see if I could find something that would fit her personality. Once inside, I was drawn to a case in the back that held antique jewelry. I was immediately drawn to a small bangle bracelet in the back of the case. The owner of the shop (an elderly woman who looked like she could have been on of the antiques in the shop) informed me that the bracelet was more than 500 years old. I was baffled by this and was immediately flooded with thoughts about who has worn it over the years. I immediately went back to my office and started writing notes on The Curious Tale of Gabrielle.

7. Did you have a muse while writing Gabrielle? 

Yes, well slightly. Gabrielle was based, in some part, off of two people in my life. Her reserved neutral personality was based off of my friend Justins daughter Gwen. Gabrielles natural curiosity and her tendency to NEED to find the answer to everything I drew from my wife, Layla. So, many times, I find myself asking what would Layla and Gwen do?

8. Is The Curious Tale of Gabrielle a stand alone, or will there be a series?

The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is going to be a series of 6 books. Each book will be from the perspective of a new life that she is living during different historical events throughout history. Although there will be some prominent aspects that follow through the entire series (giving it a complete, coherent feeling), in theory each book could be seen as a stand alone story.

9. Do you have plans for more book releases this year?

Yes, because of my little ADHD problem, I have decided to focus first on the Gabrielle series, before moving on to anything else. I plan on having the next book in the series (Vivre La Vie) come out this Fall.

10. Any advice for up and coming authors out there?

I know this may sound a little over played but honestly it is the only advice there is. Never stop doing what you are doing. Even if you never publish, or if no one buys it. You still created something, thats beautiful and something you should be proud of. If you love to write, keep doing it no matter what.

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 ~ About the Author ~

Zachary is 27 and lives in Maine with his lovely wife, Layla. The two of them share a home with their 4 fur-children Thai, Bambina, Loki and Le vie (Thai and Bambina are cats and Loki and Le vie are dogs).

Zachary received an Associates degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor's degree in Criminology from the University of Southern Maine. Zachary had two short stories published by Ohio State University when he was in elementary school, and a poem published when he was in high school. Zachary has always had two passions in his life, criminal justice and writing. After spending nearly 5 years working in security, Zachary decided it was time to give his other passion a chance.

Zachary is very much a family man and when he is not deep in writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing video games or contemplating his next story idea.

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