Feb 28, 2015

Review Post-- Here's To Tomorrow by Teagan Hunter


A chance meeting... A slip of the tongue... Two lives forever changed...

Rae Kamden has no idea what she wants to do in life. She thinks leaving her small town is the way to go, but after running into car trouble (and the sexiest man she's ever seen), she begins rethinking everything she thought she wanted out of life. 

Hudson Tamell isn't your typical twenty-four year old. The last seven years haven't been a cake walk. But after finally getting his life just where he wants it, he meets Rae and her impossibly unfiltered mouth. She's like no one he's ever met before, totally throwing him off that carefully paved road. But can she handle his life and all the baggage that comes along with it?

Now the girl who doesn't really fit into his world is the one person he wants in it...no matter what demons she has.

This book will be part of a series but CAN be read as a stand-alone. Each book will follow a different couple. Recommended for 18+ audience for explicit language and sexual situations.

This book is a very sweet read with ordinary, everyday people as the lead characters. Because sometimes love can be that easy.

My Review

****4 Love-Struck Stars****

"I like Hudson. I like him a lot. Probably more than I should since I just recently met the guy, but I can't help feeling a connection to him and I have no idea why. I didn't even know the guy three weeks ago and suddenly he's all I want to think about."

I really enjoyed this story! Rae is a spitfire that speaks her mind, and Hudson is the perfect person to witness it all. From the start, I was instantly intriged about their story. 

I loved the way that Hudson was so careful about their blooming relationship. It showed his vulnerability through it all. He didn't want history to repeat itself, but he knew that Rae was different from any girl he had met before.

"I have too much to lose and a distraction like her is the last thing I need, because I already feel like she could be something important. And I just met her."

Rae has faced demons in the past, and they keep coming back to haunt her. Having Husdon in her life has made all the difference. They each give and take from one another. Before they know it, they are in too deep to even try to get out.

Not only were Rae and Hudson great characters, so were all the supporting! Maura, Haley (Rae's sister) and Perry (Rae's cousin) were so great! I really loved how they interacted with each other, and the family bond is very strong.
Also, Tucker and Gaige were awesome best friends to Hudson!!! Everyone deserves friends like them. I even liked Tanner, although, he is a bit...out there. hehe:)

All in all, I liked the way that the story played out. I found myself laughing at the crazy things that came out of Rae's mouth, and found myself swooning at the things Hudson thought and said. The bond that they shared was more than love or lust, it was emotional, it was soul deep. Can't wait for the next book in the series!!!

"...because when I look into Hudson's eyes I see determination, love, longing, familiarity, hope and even sadness. I want to find out what causes each and every one of those feelings I see. I feel like I have to know."

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About the Author

Hey everyone! Name's Teagan. I'm a romance cover artist by day and a writer by...well every free moment I get. I live in Boring Town, MO with my wonderful husband, two dogs, and lots of saltwater fish. I enjoy reading, binge-watching TV shows (especially Supernatural!), cold weather, and never matching my socks. 

I'm weird. It's kind of my "thing."

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