Dec 23, 2014

We Read Together

Book, Brain, Heart: Who We Are at We Read Together

We are first and foremost celebrators of reading. We go into under-served communities. We go where we are needed most. We are ambassadors of the written word. We are champions of the bond which forms when a child and parent read together and of the life-long benefits that come from that bond.

We live in a world that openly acknowledges the benefits of reading, while at same time giving families a million reasons a minute not to do it. Our mission is to elevate the act of reading, of learning to read, above the clash and clamor of society, above its place as merely another form of entertainment. Our job is to make reading together an act of joy, an act of love.

We do this by working with parents and students simultaneously. We teach the parents how we teach, and we teach with passion, joy, and love. Our methods are designed to be taken outside the classroom. To put parents and students in control of their education. When we teach a child the sound of the letter “A”, we teach the parents the best possible way to help their child learn sound of “B.” Every book we read comes with a different style of game, each suited to a different type of parent.

Are you an artist? We’ve got drawing games.
Do you like to get up and move? We’ve got dances and scavenger hunts.
Are you so tired after work that’s impossible to keep your eyes open? We will invent a game you can play in your sleep.

Whatever it takes to help children and parents form strong, positive associations with reading, we will do.

Why? Because children that learn to love reading benefit greatly.
They are more likely to succeed academically.
They are less likely to commit crime.
They are more likely to eat healthy.
They develop better logic skills.
They are happier.

We believe that a child who learns to love reading will benefit not only his or herself, but also everyone around them as they spread that passion to others.

As teachers, our time with each student is limited. But, we use that time wisely. We strive to connect with and encourage every student and every parent. We take the power, energy and joy stored in books, the knowledge and training in our minds, and the passion in our hearts and we strive to transfer that to everyone who participates in the program.

When we succeed our influence on life is limitless.

We need your help in order to succeed. Please take the time and donate $5, $10, or as much you feel compelled to. Every dollar goes towards helping children develop a life-long love of reading.

Thank you,

Benjamin T. Lambright

We Read Together

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