Dec 8, 2014

Release Day Launch-- Axel Hitch by Cassy Roop

Axel Hitch


Book Info

Title: Axel Hitch (Book 4: A Celtic Knot Companion)

Author: Cassy Roop

Genre: BDSM Erotica

Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs by Cassy Roop

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Kelly Harris is feisty and her strong nature can probably rival that of most men. She isn’t one to take crap from anyone and has a tendency to challenge those who challenge her. A painful childhood left Kelly with a need for control in all things that she is unwilling to relinquish. Being known to dump men after just one date or one time in the sack is her usual style, until she meets Knoxville Tanner.

Knoxville Tanner is the co-owner of the BDSM club, The Celtic Knot. Having had his heart trampled on has left him jaded. The club gave him the ability to satisfy his sexual needs without the risk of commitment. On the night of the club’s grand opening, however, after meeting Kelly…that all went out the window.

Will Knox be able to concede control in order to give the one he loves what she desperately needs; and will Kelly be able to accept the sacrifice and in return give Knox the one thing that she has guarded the most…her heart?

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My Review

"I’ve been taken to the edge between love and hate so many times that if I were to experience it once more, I would lose it. I’ve never been afraid of love. I wasn’t one of those fucking guys who let their past dictate their future. Once you’ve been burned; it’s hard to pick those pieces back up making yourself whole again. Slowly, my heart had been chipped away until I had no choice but to build a fortress around it so that it wouldn’t be susceptible to the vulnerability anymore."

I will start this review by saying that I have truly loved the past three Celtic Knot books soooo much! I always knew that I wanted Knox and Kelly's story to be told. They were the secondary characters that you loved. They were the best at being there for Dominic and Ashley when their worlds were turned upside down. They were the comedic relief when things got rough.

But when you hear their stories--when you see what went on when no one was looking--you find yourself loving these two even more! The heartbreak that each of them had endured, and the struggles they lived through, made them the strong people they are today.

I love how Cassy takes you back to the very beginning. She takes you to the Grand Opening of The Celtic Knot, and to the moment Knox and Kelly laid eyes on each other. It was hot from the start! And I mean HAWT!! Their chemistry is off the charts, but this was not going to be easy. These were two people that didn't want a relationship, but seemed to be drawn together. 
Nothing like a good Sucker Punch!

"The man was like a horrible cell phone ring. You know, the ones so annoying that they made you want to fling your phone across the room when it rang."

I'm pretty sure that I love Knox and Kelly more than Dominic and Ashley. I KNOW, RIGHT! They are so feisty, stubborn, sexy, and down right hilarious with each other. There were times that I was laughing out loud, and there were times when I wanted to come through my kindle and hug them both.  Kelly's story was such an emotional roller coaster. What she went through growing up no one should ever have to deal with. 

With Kelly's past issues and Knox's failed relationship, these two needed each other more than they even knew. With the need to control parts of their lives, they like to use dominance to get what they want. This trait is exactly what makes Knox good to be a Dom in a BDSM club, and what makes Kelly a good trainee to be a Madam.

“I dare you to say Switzerland,” 
Did he just fucking challenge me?
“What? Got something to say, Tinkerbell?”

Like I said before, these two are HAWT together! Holy hell! Cassy knows how to write a good sex scene, and boy, she doesn't fail with this book either. I also like how she takes these two and shows their vulnerable sides, as well. 

"Yeah, but can the strong pull I feel for him outweigh my fear?”

Even though Knox had an awful past relationship, I seemed to have connected more to Kelly. Her pain and fear pulled to me like no other. I wanted to console her (and sometimes slap her) for doing the things she did. You can't always stay strong. Sometimes you have to let someone give you relief. 

“Your control was taken away from you, so you now have this desire in your adult life to maintain it. I understand that feeling more than you know, Tinkerbell. So if it is control you crave, it is control I am going to give you. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never submitted myself to a woman, but this is me doing that now.”

Again, I will say that I loved this book! Cassy has made this series one of my favorites of all time! Every character has a place in my heart, but Knox and Kelly are my favorite. The push and pull between them, and the feelings they fight for so long made me want more!

This book is hot and steamy!!! Like volcanic heat steamy! It's also a book about forgiveness, letting go, and moving forward. You will not be disappointed! 

Another great job, Cassy!!!

"I leaned in and kissed away the evidence of her fear gesturing with my actions that I wanted to cherish her. I wanted to catch her tears, but more than that I wanted to prevent them in the first place. I wanted to be the man that brought the smile to her face and made the light shine in her eyes."

Meet Cassy Roop

Cassy is a fitness goddess by day and smexy author by night. When she isn't writing furiously on her next novel, she's making books look beautiful inside and out as a graphic designer. She has an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter, pedicures, and all things Les Mills group fitness. She has been known to juggle seven children at a time (not all hers!) and has on occasion been seen purchasing clothes that aren’t athletic apparel (although rare).

She released her debut, The Price of Love, in March of 2014.

The Celtic Knot Novels are her first erotic romance series and Books 1 and 2, Ashley’s Bend and Figure Eight both reached #1 in Erotic Thrillers on Amazon. Book 3, Triquetra, releases September 22, 2014 and book 4 the companion novel, Axel Hitch will release late Autumn 2014.

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