Dec 7, 2014

Blog Tour--Stronger With Him by JA Hensley

Title: Stronger With Him
Author: JA Hensley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 1, 2014


After breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, graduate student Rebecca Maio wants a man who is the complete opposite of her ex. When she meets her sexy new neighbor, Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to the powerful and compassionate man.

Agent Colin Schaefer's in town for an investigation and needs to stay focused on his job, but he can't ignore the beautiful girl next door. For the first time in his life, the elusive man wants more with a woman, but he can't shake the feeling that Rebecca also needs his protection.

Is their love strong enough to survive the secrets they're both bound to uncover? Or will her past and his job tear them apart?

This novel is intended for readers 18+ due to explicit and hot sex scenes and adult situations. If you love these kinds of things, then please, read on!


"I can't believe my life has changed so much so fast."

Rebecca thought her life was going so well until the man she was dating completly changed. She thought by given him the benefit of a doubt, he would go back to being the guy she thought she had fallen in love with. Too bad that didn't work. Trust me, this guy is freaking insane! I, personally, wouldn't have stuck with him for as long as Becca did. Abuse is never an easy subject, and you felt such compassion for her situation.

With the help of her best friends, Stephane and Cristin, she was able get out and have fun--to become the person she used to be. I LOVED her friends SO much! Every woman needs friends like that. They protect and stand by her side through it all!

"I was such an idiot. All that fairy tale bullshit that we're fed as little girls is just that. How did I not see this coming? What did I do wrong?"

Becca had no clue that her life was about to change. All it took was one look, one conversation from her new neighbor, and she was changed forever.

"Well, fuck me" I mutter. Way to look like a klutz in front of the hoy guy.
"I'd like to, but it seems a bit public here." Colin says as he bends down and picks up the shopping bags I dropped.

Colin had a job to do. Plain and simple. Take down the bad guy and move on. But this time, business and pleasure mix together in the cocktail of danger and lust. How can he stay undercover and still have the girl?

"I really want to see her underneath me, but I also get a feeling of wanting to protect her. What the fuck is wrong with me?"

Their whirlwind romance is fast and intense. I love the protectivness Colin has over Becca. It's different than being an agent. This protection isn't just for the job, it's for a person--a heart. He knows once the assignment is over he has to leave town. How can he possibly let her go? What will she do when she finds out the truth of why he's there?

This book had funny moments, sexy scenes and heartstopping events! Secrets are discovered and they are completely life-changing. I enjoyed this book. I loved all the characters (well except for the horrible ex-boyfriend. He can go away!). This book was over way too soon for me! Can't wait for the next one:)

Great job, JA Hensley!!

"You'll have to work pretty hard to get rid of me."
"I can't ever imagine wanting to get rid of you."

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About the Author

J.A. Hensley wrote her first books under the pen name, Savannah Leigh. Her novel, Wedding Dreams, was named an Amazon Best Seller. She loves smut of all kinds and is a reader first. J.A. is constantly working on a new project, whether it's writing or working in her craft room. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter, and spends her days teaching college students about social work and human sexuality.

Books Published:

Wedding Dreams (Special Series Collection)

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