Nov 3, 2014

Release Alert: Caisey Quinn - All I Need

Warm up your winter nights 
with the latest from Caisey Quinn!

On SALE for 99 cents! 



Everly Abbott has always been the outcast of Abbott Springs. With her pink hair, rock band, and bad reputation, she left her wholesome hometown behind as soon as she graduated high school. But now she'll have to return to the one place she swore she'd never play to perform at Winterfest. 

She wants to acceptance. Approval. Closure. 

But her best friend and bandmate, Justin Cohen, is about to show her that what she thinks she wants isn't necessarily what she needs. 

*New Adult Romance contains mature adult language and sexual situations. 
**Originally appeared in All I Ever Wanted: An Abbott Springs Anthology. This edition contains a BONUS EPILOGUE! 



Her full lips begged to be kissed. The pain she still carried around needed to be soothed. With my mouth. I wanted to kiss every inch of her, whisper in her ear that she was beautiful and amazing and that I needed her so badly it hurt. My tongue ached to lick that thin strip of skin I saw peeking out at me from under her shirt in the van. And a whole bunch of other places. Taste her, bite her, claim her.

“You okay, Jubb?” Her eyes were full of concern when she looked up at me from under her thick, dark lashes. The kind of concern no one had ever had for me. Just her. Always her.

I gave her a quick nod and smirked as if it were a silly question. It wasn’t. My need for her had built to a dangerous level, and Hale had thrown gasoline on my fire.

We reached her house and she took out her keys. I was good until we made it to her door and I caught a whiff of her sweet strawberry scent. She’d used that same shampoo forever, and it had been driving me crazy since we were kids. But we weren’t kids anymore. So I let go. Gave up my death grip on keeping my distance. Stepping into her space, I pressed her up against the door without actually touching her.

“Jubb, what the hell are y—”

“Feel that, Ev?” I said, grabbing her hand and sliding it under my shirt. Her slender fingers grazed my stomach. I pressed her hand against me more firmly. Made her trace the hard ridges of my abdomen.

“Yeah,” she breathed out, gaping up at me with eyes glinting with heat and panic. “I feel it.”

“No more Jubb,” I told her. “No more Jubb, or Jubby, or any other childhood nickname you might have had for me. Call me Justin or Cohen. Take your pick. Got it?”

My face was so close to hers I could hear the sound of her licking her sweet lips. And swallowing. Hard.

“Um, okay. W-why not?”

This was it. Go big or go home. Shit, I was already home. Everly was my home.

“Because,” I began, releasing her hand to brace both arms on either side of her head, “Jubby won’t sound as hot when you’re screaming it out later. And if I have anything to say about it, you will damn sure be moaning my name in the very near future.”



Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and  other assorted animals. She is the author of several bestselling New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels including Keep Me Still and the Kylie Ryans series. You can find her online at

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