Nov 6, 2014

Cover Reveal: Selena Laurence - Lowdown and Lush

Selena Laurence - Lowdown and Lush
Lush #3
Pub Date: November 18, 2014
Mike Owens is the devil. Sexy, snarky, and as lowdown as they come, he's one of the world's
greatest guitarists and one of Portland's most notorious bad boys.
Jenny Turner is an angel. A preacher's daughter, she's a good girl with a great voice and a dream 
to hit it big in country music.
When these two opposites meet, the attraction is undeniable, but something's stopping the bad 
boy from pursuing what he desires most. Can this angel handle the truth behind her devil? Or 
will his secrets be too Lowdown and Lush?


Some days I wake up and I’m amazed by my life. For my first twenty-four years I was on a 
predictable track. A road planned for me by my parents. It led me to go to Texas State University 
at Waco, get a teaching degree and come back to my hometown where I got a job teaching 
kindergarten. It led me to sing in the choir at my daddy’s church, date the assistant pastor, and 
eat dinner with my parents every Sunday and Thursday nights. 

I’m not sure when the change began. As much as my parents would like to blame it on Mike 
Owens, I realize it was growing long before I met him. Something inside of me knew that the 
path I was on wasn’t the right one. I had music in my soul, it was crying to come out, and along 
with it were these ideas—ideas about who I could be, how I wanted to live, and what was right 
and wrong in the world. 

Then I met Michael, and all my ideas became possible. A new road appeared, and every part of 
me rejoiced in a wholly different way. Michael Owens, guitarist for Lush walked into a tiny, run 
down, country bar and told me I could have anything I wanted and everything I’d ever dreamed. 

It’s a heady sensation to be plucked from obscurity, to have the whole world opened to you when 
you’ve spent twenty-four years hearing about what you can’t do rather than what you can. 

It’s no small wonder I fell in love with the man who gave me that high.

I’m watching that man now as he works out. It’s one of my favorite times of the day. I usually 
track him down in the hotel gym first thing in the morning just so I can see this sight. He’s 
big—like, massive—his muscles straining out of whatever shirt he might be wearing, and just 
plain straining when he’s not wearing a shirt like today. He’s covered in tattoos, tribal patterns 
swirling over his shoulders and down his pecs all the way to that incredible ‘v’ that leads south 
alongside his perfect six-pack. 

My daddy and brother are men of God, the mind, and philosophy. They’re handsome men, but 
in a completely different way than Mike. Mike is sex, pure and simple. He oozes it from his 
pores, whispers it from his lips. All it takes is one heated look from him and I’m a goner, panties 
wet, short of breath, warm from head to toe. 

The only problem is he doesn’t want me back. For some reason, Michael has put me on a 
pedestal so high that not even he’s allowed to reach for it. He thinks I’m this perfect, innocent, 
girl made of glass that will shatter if he gets too close. And I am a virgin, but I’m far from perfect
or innocent, and I sure as heck won’t shatter from the likes of him. In fact, I might just be more 
than he can handle if he ever gives me a chance.

Every day that we’re together I crave his touch, burn inside when I look at him, and dream of 
what he would feel like doing bad things to me. But the man who blew apart my world, opened 
windows to my soul, and freed my heart would rather spend his Friday and Saturday nights 
screwing trash he picks up at the bars we play in.

So, I get this part of him—the protective-best-friend part. The do- anything-for-me, worship-me-from-afar part, and while I wouldn’t trade that part for all the tea in China, I would also do 
most anything to get the part those trashy women do. I want all of Michael—the good, the bad, 
the outrageously sexy. He’s brilliant, talented, unpredictable, and hotter than an afternoon in a 
Texas oilfield. What woman wouldn’t want that?


Meet Selena

Selena Laurence is the Barnes and Noble Bestselling author of what she likes to call Edgy
Contemporary Romance. Her books have been Amazon Top 10 bestsellers in multiple categories 
including Multicultural Romance, Hispanic Fiction, Urban Fiction, Military Romance, and 
Romantic Suspense. Her New Adult romance, Hidden, won the 2014 Reader's Crown Award for 
Contemporary Romance of the year.

Selena lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and spends a hell of a lot of time at soccer 
games, on her laptop, and reading. She requires a Mocha Latte every day to function, keeps a 
goldendoodle at her feet most of the time, and has more kids than she or Mr. Laurence know what to do with.

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