Nov 28, 2014

Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday is known for its amazing sales, and this year, 14 authors have joined together to bring you a 99-cent sale of SO MANY BOOKS! Check them out below then get to one-clicking before the prices go back up!

Vicki Green:

Cheri Lasota:

Adrianne James:

K. Aybara:

Tessa Teevan, Incinerate:

Jill Cooper, Royale:

Jill Cooper, Apocalypse:

NL Greene, Begin:

NL Greene, Twisted:

Heather Allen:

Jen Rattie:

Carrigan Richards, Pieces:

Carrigan Richards, Under Blood:

Carrigan Richards, Under Burning:

Jessi Gibson, Harder I fall:

Jessi Gibson, The Deeper:

Heather Adkins, Mother of All:

Heather Adkins, HeavenBelow:

RL Griffin, By A Thread:

Dawn Pendleton:

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