Aug 27, 2014

Blitz for Resist by Lilly Avalon

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Publication Date: August 26, 2014

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Synopsis: Allegra Maxwell is sick of the monotony of life. It's all work and no play, and right now she wants to play. She shows up at her company's yearly meeting with one goal in mind: have a one night stand with a stranger. What she doesn't count on is Devlin Pierce walking through the door.

When Allegra first met Devlin, she knew he would be nothing but trouble. After he proved her theory true last year, she made a vow to avoid him at all costs. He's the last person she wants to see, and he knows it. He refuses to leave her alone though. As much as she tries to fight it, the pull he has on her is undeniable. Her ability to resist him proves impossible when Devlin makes her an offer she can't refuse.

One night. That's all he asks. That's all she wants. Or is it?


His hands feel up my leg and he lets out a growl. He mutters against my lips, “Thigh highs...”

I grin, loosening his tie enough to get access to his collar, unbuttoning the top button. “Thought you'd like that.”

“I don't like it.”

I frown. “What?”

“I love it.” His palms smooth over the exposed skin on my leg. It's going to be near impossible to take our time when he touches me like that. I shudder and, being incapable of taking my time unbuttoning each individual button on his shirt, quickly rip it open. The buttons fly, a few clinking as they hit the metal wall before landing on the carpeted floor. He stares at me, eyes wide, right before he swoops down to kiss me deeply, his tongue invading my mouth with purpose. I wrap both arms around him tightly under his shirt as he rubs against me; his erection pushing insistently against my core causing an aching pulse of absolute want.

“Damn it,” I whisper against his lips, unhooking my legs from him to stand again. I rip off his belt, then swiftly unbutton and unzip his pants. My fingers wrap around him through his boxers.

“Shit,” he mumbles, cupping my cheek. “You're going to be the death of me.”

“It'll be an enjoyable death,” I counter as I pull his hard, thick member out. He's certainly blessed beyond any woman's fantasy. It's all I can do not to drop to my knees and take him all the way down my throat, but there is no way I can stop the overpowering urge to have him buried deep inside of me. It's not as if I couldn’t later tonight, right?

He sucks in a breath, his muscles tightening with restraint. “I'm going to fuck you in this elevator if you don't stop.”

“I don't want to stop,” I tell him as I gently bite his lip.



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About the Author

Lilly Avalon Lilly Avalon writes new adult and erotic romances. She's in her twenties and lives in a cute little apartment in a small city. She loves reading romantic stories as much as she loves writing them. Her favorite things include dancing, watching scandalous television dramas, and autumn. Lilly Avalon is a pseudonym.

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