Jun 2, 2014

Exclusive Teaser: Dawn Pendleton - Crazy Dreams

Hey all! This morning, I posted the cover reveal for Dawn Pendleton's new book, CRAZY DREAMS. 

NOW I have something really special for you. An exclusive teaser and an interview!! Check out both PLUS the hot new cover below. Enjoy!!

Interview with Dawn Pendleton

Mickey: Hey, Dawn Pendleton! Thanks for being on the blog today! Please introduce yourself.
Dawn: Thanks for having me, Mickey! I'm Dawn Pendleton, author of the Broken Series and my latest release, A Tale of Two Pretties is a book I co-wrote with Magan Vernon!

Mickey: You have a new book coming out on June 30 called CRAZY DREAMS. Tell us a little about that.
Dawn: Crazy Dreams is the first book in my Dreams Series, which is a companion series to the Broken Series. Crazy Dreams follow Stone & Ember, who are both looking for a way out of their old lives. They're looking for something new and they discover what they need in one another and in the music they sing together.

Mickey: Today, we're revealing an exclusive teaser to CRAZY DREAMS! How do you pick lines that become teasers for your books?
Dawn: It's hard, really. Once in a while, I'll write something and think it's good for a teaser, so I'll copy and paste it into a new Word doc to save it for a teaser.

Mickey: We've actually met at a couple of author signings this year. Where else will readers and fans find you this year? And what's your favorite part of signings?
Dawn: I'm at a ton of signings this year. Tennessee Valley Author Event, Southern Girls Author Event, Indie Mashup Arkansas, Penned Con, Chapter By Chapter, Pure Textuality Con, Indie ReCon, Author Reader Con Phoenix, & Houston Book Rave. All events are listed on my website with links to each one for more info. My favorite part of signings is meeting new people, whether they are readers or bloggers or fellow authors.

Mickey: You co-wrote a book with Magan Vernon that just came out too. What plans do you have for that new series?
Dawn: The Hopeless in Hotlanta series is a fun book. As a romantic comedy, Magan and I had a blast creating it, working out as many hilarious situations as we could. It's the first of five books in that series, so we've got a lot more to do!

Mickey: I think everyone knows about your...obsession with Zac Efron. How did that start? And where is #FlatZac right now?
Dawn: The obsession has always been a part of me, but it really came to light when I used him as my muse for Preston in the Hopeless in Hotlanta series. Zac suits the character to a tee and I just started posting about him on social media a lot. I gained my obsession reputation that way. #FlatZac is currently packed away in my closet. He might be a cardboard cut-out, but he freaks me out if I leave him set-up around the house.

Mickey: You've already written a lot of books with plans to write a ton more AND you attend many events to reach lots of fans. Plus, I'm sure you have a life outside of writing and reading. How do you find time for it all and how do you keep book ideas fresh?
Dawn: I don't actually have time. I'm pushing myself harder than ever right now, just to get as much done as I can. I try to set aside one day a week for myself and do NOTHING related to work. Usually, it's Sunday, but no matter what, I stay away from work-related stuff, even promotion. Book ideas have a weird way of coming to me while I'm in the middle of something else, usually. I hate to lose momentum on whatever my current project is, so I keep a file folder next to my desk and I'll jot down a new idea when it comes to me and then tuck it in the folder. To date, I have 17 notes in there. I think I'm set for a while.

Mickey: If you could co-write a book with anyone, who would it be?
Dawn: Other than Magan? Probably no one. Cowriting is really hard and it strains whatever relationship you have with the other person. There were days Magan & I wanted to hurt one another, but we got through it, and I don't think I have another friend I could be as honest with to write a book together.

Mickey: Last question: What's your favorite fruit? :)
Dawn: Watermelon! It's so gooooooood!

Mickey: Thanks so much for being here, Dawn! Any parting words?
Dawn: Thank you for having me! I hope everyone enjoys the teaser!

Title: Crazy Dreams (Dreams #1)
Author: Dawn Pendleton
Release: June 30, 2014

  Stone Tucker has big dreams. Someday, he wants to be on a country radio station. Flash forward to reality, and Stone isn’t any closer to his dream than he was months ago when he left his high school sweetheart and hometown in Pennsylvania to move to Nashville. Every one back home thinks he’s going to fail, and unfortunately, Stone has started to believe it, too.

  Enter Ember Daniels.

  Ember lost her dad years ago in a car accident, and more recently, her older sister to leukemia. She’s had her fair share and then some of heartbreak and needs to get away from the modeling life her mother has been pushing on her. A summer trip to Nashville is just what she needs to find herself. She isn’t prepared for Stone, with his hot body and overall indifferent attitude toward her.

  One night can change everything, and with seemingly endless summer nights, Ember and Stone both discover exactly what they’re looking for.

Dawn Pendleton spends her time between Maine and somewhere warm for the winter, dragging her husband and pup wherever she goes. A lover of travel, an avid reader, and a softie at heart, Dawn writes romance novels that face the dark reality of life, which is that not everyone gets a happily ever after right away.

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