Jun 13, 2014

Blog Tour: Rebecca Ethington - Of River and Raynn

     Do you ever just sit and watch people, watch the way they move, and the way they walk. I know I shouldn’t be here, but I still come. I don’t stand on the line of stained tiled anymore, instead I sit in the corner beside the news stand and listen to the endless flow of calming music that flows through my iPod. I sit as still as I can, hoping I will disappear, and write in my notebook. I write as small as I can, careful not to take up too much space.

     And while I sit. I watch the people.

     I watch for River as always, but I can’t help but watch everyone else too. I watch them walk through the halls, I watch them talk on their phones, my mind running wild with who they might be.

     I watch the man with the back so hunched you can tell he hasn’t taken a vacation in years. I watch the business man who lives alone, and wishes for more, but the wish is hidden and smothered by his career, the hole so deep he doesn’t know what he wishes for anymore. I watch the ticket taker as she yawns behind the bars, her fingers tapping to a rhythm that moves faster and faster until it lights a fire in her, the music in her head igniting her soul. I watch the lady with the perfect hair, and the vapid smile that you can tell is there to fool people, but in reality she isn’t fooling anyone. Even the children who cling tightly to their parents hands in fear that the crowd will sweep them away, even they can see the sadness behind her eyes.

     I watch the children, watch the wonder in their eyes as they walk through the cavernous room, part of me wishing I had felt the same wonder. But I never did, and part of me is still looking for it.

     So I sit, and write, and watch. And wait for the right pair of eyes to fine me, to look down on me, even though part of me is still terrified of the secret that lies behind them.






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