Jun 5, 2014

Author Interview: Misty Watts - Earthborn

Misty Watts - Earthborn

Pub Date: June 12, 2014
Publisher: Misty Watts

Earthborn is a faith-fiction thriller. Declan, Max and Olivia were old college buddies that endlessly debated the existence of giants, or Nephilim, in biblical times. When they are reunited for a mass murder investigation, they find that these slayings were not committed by men. The 'fallen ones' had come to claim the women who were worthy to bear their children, and once again, their offspring would bring terror to the Earth. Two Secret Societies had fought against each other for years. The Sodalitat had worked endlessly to prevent such a shattering event from taking place. The Camorra did everything in their power to bring upon the resurrection of the Nephilim, going as far as attempting to recreate the creatures in a lab using viable DNA from excavated bones. A young student, Clementine, gets caught in the crossfire between her favorite professor, Olivia, and her best friend, Mae, when she is chosen. Women who are found unworthy are slaughtered. The government finds a gene marker that allows them to indicate if a citizen is a descendant of the Nephilim, and calls forth those with distinct characteristics to be tested. Pandemonium breaks loose across the world as citizens react to the news. Declan, Max and Olivia must find a way to stop the cosmic event from coming to fruition.

Mickey: Hi, Misty Watts! Thanks so much for being on the blog! Please introduce yourself.
Misty: Hi! Thanks for having me! I'm Misty Watts, author of Earthborn, coming out June 12.

Mickey: Earthborn is coming out soon. Tell us a little bit about this one.
Misty: It's a faith fiction thriller based on Genesis 6:4. Will the Nephilim rise again? You'll have to read and see!

Mickey: You've also published other books, mostly paranormal YA. What's your favorite part about writing in that genre? Any plans to write in other genres or age ranges?
Misty: I've thought about trying other genres but I love paranormal and I love writing for young adults. It's always fun to escape reality and dream up fantastic creatures and circumstances.

Mickey: You have a husband, three kids, and two cats. Plus you have an advertising and marketing business. That's a lot! How do you find time for it all?
Misty: It's not easy, but my husband is very supportive and helpful. My daughters can be dramatic but are wonderfully bright and creative kids. Plus, I recently gave up being a cheerleading coach so I could have more time to write.

Mickey: Do you have a favorite place to write? Do you need silence, or do you listen to music or anything while you write?
Misty: I need silence. My favorite place to write is on our sun porch. When it's too cold outside, I have a small nook where I escape with my favorite red leather chair.

Mickey: Are you a plotter or a pantser when you write yours books?
Misty: Plotter, for the most part. I do write an outline of the ideas I have. But after I get well into a story and the characters take over, I turn more pantser.

Mickey: What's your favorite thing to eat or drink while you work?
Misty: Coffee, definitely.

Mickey: Last question - What's your favorite fruit?
Misty: Apples or pears. Love them both and can pick them in my backyard.

Mickey: Thanks so much for being here, Misty! Any parting words?
Misty: Thank you for having me! It was a pleasure! Check out upcoming book signings on www.mistywatts.com and look for Earthborn on June 12! Thanks again, Mickey!

Misty Watts was born and raised in Cayce, a small farming town in West Kentucky.

With very little to do in a small town, she let her imagination get the better of her and always dreamed of being a published author. She attended college at the University of Tennessee at Martin and received a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. After working with companies in each area of media, she was still unsatisfied.

In 2010, she began writing "Reap" for fun and hasn't stopped yet. The book turned into a series and plans for more books are in the works.

Watts is now an independent author and runs a small advertising/marketing company, Deep Blue Daisy, with her husband.

After many, many moves, she now resides once again in Cayce, Kentucky, with her husband, three daughters and two cats.

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  1. she is a awesome writer i have known her all her life and i so love reading her books keep up the good work misty you know i am here when you need anything!!!!


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