Mar 29, 2014

Release Day: T.R. Lykins - Last Heartbeat

Last Heartbeat Release Day Banner
Alexia has fought hard to over come a tragic illness in her past. Barely getting on with her life, she finally leaves home to enter the real world. This first big step makes her appreciate all that she has struggled with. This next step in her life, also leads her to a possible heartbreak. How can Alexia keep up with all of her struggles and keep going on?
Phillip has lost someone close to him when he was younger. This person was the most important person in his life. He has struggled to get past this loss, and once he does, he finds out something about his favorite person that makes him feel the hurt all over again. Why can’t Phillip move on for good? Can he really forgive someone in the past, if they no longer live?
A chance meeting has Alexia and Phillip spending hours talking. This sparks an attraction for each other. Every day, running into each other makes the attraction grow stronger until they finally give in to it. When another accident strikes, both of their pasts come barreling back to haunt them. Can they move forward knowing the secrets they now know about one another? How much more can two broken people endure? Will they find their way back into one another's arms or have they finally come to a breaking point in life?
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As I lie on my hospital bed, I can barely breathe, even with the oxygen tube turned on high; my heart is on its last beats. I never thought that, as a fifteen-year-old kid, I would be dying. It's only been eight months since I heard the diagnosis of viral cardiomyopathy heart disorder. My heart was damaged so badly that, on the day of the diagnosis, they only gave me a short time to live and put me on a heart donor list. We all know that heart donor list can take a long time, but time isn't what I have right now. Both of my parents are with me and won't leave me because the doctor told them I might not make it through the night. So we are all just waiting for me to die.
The doctor just came back to check on me, but he seems to be happy about something. I'm glad he can still be happy even though I'm barely breathing and my heart has almost stopped beating. *Breathe* I keep telling myself. He is telling my parents something and they are smiling and looking at me. I'm glad they are smiling; I haven't seen them smile in a while. Maybe he told them a funny joke or something. *Just breathe, Alexia,* I tell myself, *and hang on*. You can do it. The pain is so bad that it is hard to hang on. I really don't want to die at age fifteen without knowing what the world has to offer. I only just started this life, and now I'm going to die.
As I look up, a group of nurses and more doctors come in. This must mean I'm going to really die in an only a few minutes for sure, since have everyone is doing so much to my body. My doctor, Dr. Wright, comes over and listens to my heart, before he looks at me with a big smile. Dr. Wright tells me that I'm going to surgery; I have a donor heart waiting on me. I stare at him and can't believe that what he is saying is true. You have to wait for a donor heart with a perfect match for years, so that means it can't be true. I know I'm in shock. Then they wheel my bed out of the room and into the operating room. Is all I can remember.
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Being a stay at home mom, I became a reader who loves and reads most genres. I’ve read over a thousand books in the past five years. The love of these books spiked my interest to learn more about the book world and the process it took to become an author. Ive had this story building in my head for over a year and I just needed to share it. So, educating myself in this industry has made me work hard to obtain my goals of writing and becoming an author. The learning process has made me appreciate what all these authors have accomplished and all the hard work they put in. I can’t wait to share my story with you!!!

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Mar 26, 2014

Book Spotlight: Aubrie Dionne - Alliance

Title: Alliance

Author: Aubrie Dionne

Series: Paradise Reclaimed #3

Genre: Young Adult fantasy

Release Date: January 31, 2014

“Saving him meant saving her colony…”

Lyra Bryan has been saving people her whole life from a chick in the ventilation pipes to her mentally ill brother when his mind drifts back to Old Earth. She meets her match when she finds a gorgeous alien man aboard the arachnid ship. Captured after a failed attempt to save his people, his spirit is broken, craving only vengeance. To save her colony, Lyra must save his body and soul.

Lyra’s lifemate, Tauren, is jealous of her obsession with the alien man and will do anything in his power to break them apart. While they travel to the arachnid’s home world to defeat the mother brain once and for all, they must set aside their differences and work as a team. But, can Tauren be trusted?

Other books in the series:


Colonization, book #1

Reconnaissance, book #2




The scar burned between
my breasts. Would I ever feel whole again? I smoothed my fingers over the
fabric of my uniform, where the sunburst blossomed red and pink on my skin. My
other hand traced the exotic, inky patterns on the alien man’s face lying on
the examination bed beside me. Only he could understand my pain. We’d both been
cocooned on that wretched alien ship, waiting to die.
“Lyra, you have to
leave him. The ceremony’s in twenty minutes.” Tauren stood with his arms
crossed over his broad chest. A forehead worthy of an Old Earth cave man hung
over his little, beady eyes as he stared with suspicion. “Don’t you want your
Behind me, monitors
beeped with a steady, abnormally slow heart rate. A line fluctuating on a graph
showed unprecedented brain activity. My ward dreamed. What of, I wasn’t sure:  star systems I’d never seen, or maybe his
home planet. My fingers traced his shimmery golden skin, soft and smooth except
for the calluses on the underside of his palm and the hard ripped abs
underneath the sheets--not that I’d peeked. For an alien, he looked more like a
demigod or one of those statues of roman warriors from Old Earth.
I brushed back a strand
of cobalt hair from his eyes and tucked in the bed sheets. “I don’t care about
Tauren lurched toward
me and grabbed my wrist like I was his toy kite that had drifted too far on the
wind. His fingernails dug into my skin. “What do you care about?” His voice was
hoarse, his smudge-brown eyes desperate.
My thoughts wandered to
the alien man. I hadn’t even spoken to him or learned his name. When I first
saw him, wrapped in the arachnids’ cocoon aboard their metallic ship, my
emotions ignited. Far from his home, he lay in stasis, trapped until the
arachnids drained his body of life. I’d been in the same position until Nova
saved me.
I had to save him. 


About the Author

Aubrie grew up watching the original Star Wars movies over and over again until she could recite and reenact every single scene in her backyard. She also loved The Goonies, Star Trek the Next Generation-favorite character was Data by far-, and Indiana Jones. But, her all time favorite movie was The Last Unicorn. She still wonders why the unicorn decided to change back to a unicorn in the end.

Aubrie wrote in her junior high yearbook that she wanted to be "A concert flutist" when she grew up. When she made that happen, she decided one career was not enough and embarked as a fantasy, sci fi author. Two careers seems to keep her busy. For now.

 Twitter | Goodreads | Blog



Cover Reveal: Violet Duke - Love, Tussles, and Takedowns

LoveTusslesTakedowns Banner

Title: Love, Tussles, and Takedowns (Cactus Creek #2)
Author: Violet Duke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: May 30, 2014


He’s a better fighter...

Hudson Reyes has been a fighter for as long as he can remember, with enough scars to last several lifetimes. After his combat injuries retire him from the life he wasn’t ready to give up yet, Hudson forces himself back on his feet, building a new post-military career as a fight scene and weapons specialist in the film industry, spending his carbon copy days doing what he knows best: surviving. Until he meets her. The one woman that makes him want to live again. The one woman with hidden wounds as deep as his…and a wicked roundhouse kick that almost knocks him out the day he finally learns her name.

…but she has all the weapons.

An antique arms authenticator by day and a self-defense instructor by night, Liana Lin has made a living turning the demons of her past into the passions that fuel—and fill—her life. So when the unjustly handsome man she’s been unable to get out of her head literally takes her to the mat with fighting styles unlike anything she’s ever seen, and pins her with nothing more than a molten hot stare that promises things she won’t even let herself imagine, Lia makes damn sure the barbed wire fence around her heart is closed up tight. Because if one man could find a way to disarm her carefully-built defenses, it’d be him.

Pre- Order on iTunes
Love, Tussles, and Takedowns is available for pre-order on iTunes at a special price of just 99 cents (reg. $3.99).

Love, Chocolate and Beer (Cactus Creek #1)

About the Author

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. Her books have been Top 10 bestsellers on Amazon, B&N, and iTunes, and have been featured on USA Today, IndieReader, and GalleyCat as breakout hits. When she’s not arguing with her story characters or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, Violet enjoys tackling reno projects with her power tools, trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first, and cooking ‘special edition’ dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. She lives in Hawai’I with her two cute kids and similarly adorable husband.


Mar 25, 2014

Blog Tour: Rochelle Paige - Hit The Wall

Hit The Wall Tour Banner
Title: Hit the Wall (Blythe College #2)
Author: Rochelle Paige
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: March 10, 2014

Jackson thought he knew what love was and feels like he missed his chance at happiness. He realizes he wasted his chances by chasing after one-night stands instead of going after what he really wanted.

Kaylie knows what loss feels like and doesn't want to take a chance on love. She puts up walls to keep her heart protected from experiencing that kind of pain again.

What happens when a guy who refuses to lose out again meets a girl who resists him as much as she can? Will Jackson be able to hit the wall Kaylie has put up and knock it down?

Excerpt from Hit the Wall
by Rochelle Paige

I loved bartending at the campus bar, The Rooster’s Nest. Of course, nobody called it by the real name. Instead, everyone usually just called it The Roost. Or if they were feeling particularly pervy, they called it The Cock. The bar was known for its cold beers, its hot cheese fries, and college bands. It’s a bit of a dive, but not in a sleazy way. Although the tight t-shirts we wore with crazy phrases like “I Serve Tail at The Cock” and a picture of a martini glass on it sure did seem push things toward the sleazy slide.

I got the job as soon as I’d turned twenty-one. I needed the money, and it paid well for a part-time job with hours that didn’t interfere with school or dance. It also didn’t hurt that I usually got to work shifts with my roomie Charlotte since she was the one who’d gotten me the interview. She was the boss’s favorite at The Roost, so I’d been a shoe-in for the job. And I got paid well to flirt all night, so that was a plus too.

Speaking of hot guys, Jackson Silver walked into the bar about an hour before last call. I’d thought about him several times over the last month and a half. Word on campus was that he’d been keeping to himself a lot more. When he came back from Christmas break, there hadn’t been any more rumors about random hook-ups. This was the first time I’d seen him since witnessing his argument with Sasha, which was strange considering how small the campus was.

He sat down at the other side of the bar, so Charlotte took his order and served him a beer and a shot. Then she headed straight over to me as soon as she had taken care of Jackson.

“Did ya see who’s at the bar? Hottie McHot-Pants himself,” she said, nodding her head in his direction.

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Push the Envelope (Blythe College #1)

About the Author

I absolutely adore reading - always have and always will. My friends growing up used to tease me when I would trail after them, trying to read and walk at the same time. If I have downtime, odds are you will find me reading or writing.

I am the mother of two wonderful sons who have inspired me to chase my dream of being an author. I want them to learn from me that you can live your dream as long as you are willing to work for it.

When I told my mom that my new year's resolution was to self-publish a book in 2013, she pretty much told me "About time!"


Mar 24, 2014

Blog Tour: Rachel Brookes - Breathe Again

breathe  ebook
Title: Breathe Again (Breathe #2)
Author: Rachel Brookes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: March 11, 2014

For Savannah Rae, the thought of living in her picture-perfect world was almost too much to comprehend. With her dream job, a family she could finally call her own, and the beginnings of the best chapter of her life, she still couldn't shake the unnerving feeling that it was all too good to be true.
The thought of a life without Savannah was incomprehensible to Tate Connors. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would find his girl in the form of a sassy, stubborn, beautiful Australian. Finally he had the girl and life he so desperately wanted, but he still couldn't ignore the fear that it would crash around him.

When Tate’s past becomes his present and Savannah’s present becomes her past, the possibility of a future together collides head-on with reality.

In her darkest days, the words Just Breathe provided a peaceful comfort to Savannah from the heavens above. Now as she and Tate go down the path of new beginnings, brutal endings, and the constant craving of a happily ever after, they are anxious to learn how to Breathe Again.

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breathe teaser 1

About The Author
Rachel Brookes is from a coastal town on the east coast of Australia where beaches, kangaroos and surfers roam free. She writes angsty love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance and a spoonful of sexiness… oh and the main ingredient hot guys.
Rachel sometimes forgets to eat, sometimes forgets to sleep and sometimes can’t remember the last time she cleaned her apartment but that’s because she is in a long term relationship with her laptop and is constantly writing.
When she does step away from her laptop she can be found taking too many photos, making scrumptious cocktails, laughing at Adam Sandler movies and spending her time with her amazing family and friends.
With her first novel, Just Breathe, due to be released in July 2013, her dream of releasing a book will become reality. With another three books already taking up her mind, she cannot wait to start this crazy ride.
breathe teaser 2

Excerpt from Breathe Againby Rachel Brookes 
As a standoff of epic proportions began between Chelsea and me. My hackles rose, and I knew I would never back down from her. I wasn’t a revengeful person, but as soon as someone starts hurting the people I care about and throwing around half-arsed accusations, they will see the wrath of Savannah. This could be the very reason I chose to have limited female friends. It was easier than having to deal with the bullshit games girls were notorious for starting, and clearly this was why I never hid my intentions when it came to men in the past. Be clear as day and no feelings came to the surface. I felt Mr. Davenport sigh beside me and I swallowed hard. Professional, Savannah. For him.

I still didn’t back down as I spoke. “So I am assuming the—”

“Um, excuse me? I was told that I needed to be here.”

Our heads snapped to the door opening slowly, and I couldn’t believe who I was looking at, could this day get any weirder? Blake freaking Ryan had just walked through the door looking all rock star-ish. This was the first time we had seen each other since he had left New York for London.

His eyes widened to the size of saucers as he took everything in. Dressed head to toe in black, he was wearing a shirt that sat snug against his body, and his tattoos were glistening under the boardroom lights. He was born to be a rock star.

His eyes bounced between Tate and me and dropped to my hand gripped tightly in Tate’s and a smile tugged at his lips. Tate’s body stiffened against mine and his hand squeezed mine to the point of hurt like he was making his claim on me.

“Stop it,” I hissed and shot him a pleading look.

“Sorry, just habit,” he whispered then peppered my jaw with a kiss.

“Thanks for coming in, Blake.” Mr. Davenport shuffled papers on the large conference table and looked towards Blake, holding out a pen and what looked to be a contract. “So you have been booked for the shoot next week and we are now just finalizing details. Savannah will be running the shoot on behalf of Beautify and Chelsea will be the female model for the campaign. If you can just sign here, we are good to go.”

Blake shook his head and shot a disgusted look at Chelsea. “Are you serious? I can’t work with her.”

“See? I told you, Savannah. Even Blake doesn’t want to work with you in your pathetic little fairytale world you are supposedly living in,” Chelsea spat before she threw her straw-looking hair over her shoulder and strutted towards Blake. I watched Blake closely; the look sweeping over his face was priceless.

“I wasn’t talking about Savannah, you idiot. I cannot work with you, Chelsea. I tend to not want to associate with fucked-up, conniving bitches.”

I couldn’t hide the smile of victory tugging on my lips. Blake Ryan, you genius. The look of utter devastation Chelsea was wearing made me feel like a million bucks. I still had no clue of the history that Chelsea and Blake shared.

“Well isn’t this going to be a fun shoot,” Mr. Davenport mumbled under his breath.

breathe series

Rachel's Other Books
just breathe


Cover Reveal: Laurel Ulen Curtis - Secret Alpha

Expected Release Date: 
April 29, 2014

I’m Dan Smith, and I’m currently living two lives. Maybe even
three if you really look into it. Haley, Allison, Hunter, Wade, Sergio, and
Isla all exist in one or more of them somehow.

Am I a supporting role in their stories, or are they merely
characters in mine?
You decide.

Haley told her story. Now I’ll tell mine.

She said. He said.

This is my story.

Warning: Some explicit language and sexual content.

Note: This is the second book in a series and will be best-received
if read after A is for Alpha Male.

Secret Alpha is the companion novel to A is for Alpha Male.
Pick up your copy today while it's only 99 pennies!

Buy A is for Alpha Male

Secret Alpha Excerpt
Once again,
Allison had no answer, but that didn’t get Haley down at all.
I could feel
my feet start to walk in their direction, straight down the bar and stopping
right in front of them, as though I was having an out of body experience.
“As far as
loosening up, I meant alcohol.....Shot time!”
Perfect. Cue
She looked
away from her mom right at that moment, honing in like a laser beam on my exact
And then,
looked right through me.
“Two shots of
fireball, please,” Haley requested sweetly, but I could tell she didn’t notice
me at all.
If anything,
that made her even cuter. She was completely there, in that moment, with her
mom. Clearly, they had a strong, close, vibrant relationship, and a respect
that I hardly ever saw between people anymore.
Living in
such a technologically driven era, people rarely interacted with one another
without an outside distraction like a cell phone going at the same time.
Don’t worry,
I’m not anti-technology, but I am pro-personal connection. The kind of
camaraderie that’s strong enough to hold a person’s entire interest. It’s
probably a lifetime lacking in close connections that drives my philosophical
approach to conversational engagement, but I couldn’t tell you for sure because
I’m not a psychologist.
“You got it,
sweetheart,” I said, and then began thoroughly kicking my own ass for adding on
a term of endearment. I seriously didn’t know what the fuck was wrong with me.
I didn’t know what is was about this girl that had me tied in knots, and I
didn’t know why in the fuck I kept letting myself forget I was in the middle of
a very serious, extremely dangerous investigation.
There was
probably a price on my head at that exact moment, for fuck’s sake.
I pulled my
lips back over my teeth immediately, putting away the dimples and effectively
putting the kabash on my smile. But it didn’t even matter because she still
hadn’t even really looked at me. In fact, another man, someone I wasn’t
familiar with, had just approached her and started flirting.
He was a
cocksucking dork, I could tell, but she flirted back. The really disgusting
part is that I felt an immediate flare of fire in my belly, the edges of my
flaming jealousy licking the lining of my stomach and burning me alive.
Placing the
shots on the bar in front of them, I redirected my mind and energy and moved to
the other end of the bar, keen to do any other work I could come up with.
But as I
left, I allowed myself one last look, startling noticeably when Allison’s keen
blue eyes found mine and a knowing smile crept sweetly onto her face.
Fuck. Me.


About The Author
Laurel Ulen Curtis
is a 27 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat and
two fish!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated
from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and
puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends and writing a
storm chasing heroine! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading
and writing Romance novels. She’s also addicted to Coke. The drink, not the
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