Dec 11, 2013

Blog Tour: Rachel Brookes - Breathless

Rachel Brookes - Breathless

• Pub Date: November 26, 2013
• Publisher: Rachel Brookes
• Format: Ebook, 134 pages
• Age Range: New Adult

One look from Savannah Rae was all it took for Tate Connors to fall.

From the first moment he laid eyes on her, his world was irrevocably shaken. He’s willing to accept that his life will never be the same again, but when she has to leave for New York the distance becomes more than either of them expected.

Tate is left alone with not only an empty bed but also a thousand thoughts running through his head. Insecurities soar as he wonders if he could ever really be the kind of man Savannah deserves.

When the demons of his past continue to threaten the future he so desperately craves, Tate knows he has to make the ultimate choice. Risk destroying his relationship and his family with one life changing decision, or gamble on fate and hope the past stays exactly that…the past.

Interview with Rachel Brookes

Mickey: Hi, Rachel Brookes! Thanks so much for being here today. Please introduce yourself!
Rachel: Well hi everyone, and thanks for having me, Mickey. I am Rachel, Australian born and bred and living on the beautiful New South Wales south coast. I first started writing seriously in February 2013 and released my first novel Just Breathe in July. Like Savannah, I love Long Island Iced Teas, I eat too much chocolate, I am in love with the Hemsworth brothers, and I say g’day and mate way too much.

Mickey: So you just released Breathless. It's told from Tate's POV. Tell us how different it was writing as an American male instead of that of Sav, an Australian female.
Rachel: It was so different. There are so many words that we say differently in Australia but then I also had to become a man. It was very funny to be honest. I was aware of not saying anything that was too ‘girly’ or too ‘Australian.’ There were many times where I would just sit there laughing and say to myself, ‘Would Tate really say that?’ The feedback I have received about my transformation into a male has been great though. I actually got an email asking if I was secretly a man because I portrayed him so well. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Mickey: The Breathe series has Just Breathe, Breathless, and Breathe Again, which will release next year. Will that be the end of Tate and Sav?
Rachel: Breathe Again will be the last book in the Breathe Series. However, there is a very strong possibility that there could be at least one book to follow that Sav and Tate will pop up in. A book idea actually decided to take over my mind just the other day, and Sav and Tate would feature heavily in that. It’s been added to my ‘to be written’ list.

Mickey: Fans want to know! When are you going to be signing in your area?
Rachel: Well I am signing at my very first author event on the Gold Coast, Australia in May and then I have a massive author event in Sydney in November. I will be attending the Chicago Author Event in May 2014 as a reader but if you see me come say g'day.

Mickey: You'll be coming to the States soon! Anything you can tell us about your trip?
Rachel: Yes, I am coming to the US the end of April through May and I cannot wait. So far I am heading to New York City, Chicago, and Georgia with the possibility of another couple of cities. I am heading to New York and staying with a friend there, then heading to the Chicago Author Event to meet up with some amazing book world friends, and then heading to Georgia for book research and also shooting a cover for an upcoming book release. I can’t wait. Hopefully I get to meet as many readers as I can.

Mickey: What can you tell us about anything you have coming up outside of the world of Tate and Sav?
Rachel: Well I have started plotting three books which I hope to have released in 2014. These books with feature brand new characters and I am super excited about introducing them to the world. We have a set of brothers and a feisty female with a deadly secret. We have a sassy female who says what she wants and doesn’t believe in consequence. And one of the books will feature an Australian character but this time it will be a male. Get ready to swoon, ladies.

Mickey: If I were to be in Australia right now, what would you most like me to see?
Rachel: Well I live two hours south of Sydney on the beautiful south coast so firstly we would go to my favorite café for breakfast, and then I’d take you to one of the amazing beaches I live near where you would see Kangaroos hopping around. We would then take a drive up the coast to Sydney where I would show you all the touristy things, and we would finish by having dinner either at Sydney Harbour or Bondi Beach. Oh and I’d make sure you saw plenty of Aussie surfers.

Mickey: I know it might be hard, but outside of Tim Tams, what's your favorite Aussie treat? And what's the one American one you can't wait to try when you get here?
Rachel: I love cheesels. Oh I can eat a full box in one sitting. Delicious!!! Hmm, I want to try Lucky Charms.

Mickey: My favorite non-book question - What's your favorite fruit and/or vegetable?
Rachel: Grapes. I could eat grapes by the kilo and I do. Favorite vegetable would be peas.

Mickey: Rachel, thanks so much for being here today!! Any parting thoughts?
Rachel: Thanks so much for having me. It’s been a blast. Thanks to everyone reading this and for enjoying Tate and Sav. Watch out, America. This Aussie is on her way.

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Rachel Brookes is from a coastal town on the east coast of Australia where beaches, kangaroos and surfers roam free. She writes angsty love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance and a spoonful of sexiness… oh and the main ingredient hot guys.

Rachel sometimes forgets to eat, sometimes forgets to sleep and sometimes can’t remember the last time she cleaned her apartment but that’s because she is in a long term relationship with her laptop and is constantly writing.

When she does step away from her laptop she can be found taking too many photos, making scrumptious cocktails, laughing at Adam Sandler movies and spending her time with her amazing family and friends.

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