Sep 13, 2013

Indie-Credible Authors: Andris Bear - Deadly Sins Series

• Pub Date: July 25, 2013
• Publisher: Jezebel Press
• Format: Ebook, 226 pages
• Age Range: Adult

When tenacious archangel Liadin is forced to shadow a mortal, she’s tempted to ditch the responsibility of her new charge and return to the battlefield. But Detective Jacob Ryder isn’t all he seems. He’s been to the realm of the dead and brought something back with him. Even worse, Liadin finds herself inexplicably drawn to the brooding detective.

Haunted by betrayal, Jake regards everyone with suspicion, especially the mysterious dark beauty with eyes as pale as ice. But when Hell places a bounty on his head, Jake realizes he can’t solve his partner’s death or hope to survive without her.

Thrust together in a battle against a powerful, dark entity, Jake and Liadin must join forces if they are to survive. And brave the forbidden hunger consuming them both.

Welcome! Today is my date on the Indie-Credible blog tour! I'm hosting the always lovely Andris Bear. Please check out her books as well as this really fun guest post she's put together with her character, Jake! I'll let her introduce herself. Take it away, girl!


Hey Mickey and Booksharkians! I’m super excited to be here with you, so thank you so much for letting me invade for a bit!

I should probably introduce myself, huh?

My name is Andris Bear and I write Paranormal Romance. Um, is it just me or did that sound sort of confessional-ish?

Like, my name is Andris Bear and I like to snuggle my husband’s dirty socks.

Not on a life-saving bet, y'all.

Ahem. Moving on. I write paranormal romance of the dark and snarky nature because I love all things that go bump in the night.

Especially the hot ones.

Originally, I intended to give you a character interview. I find them to be fun and enlightening for both me and the character. But Jake, my hero from my current release, Angel Unleashed, is a hardened homicide Detective and didn’t much care for me asking questions.

So I sat back and let him reveal himself in his own way. I hope you enjoy.


Dear Abbydris,

I have a problem. Her name is Liadin and she’s an archangel. We’ll just call her my new … partner. Yes, I realize how it sounds, so take a moment to come to grips—I needed several.

The thing is I can’t talk to anyone else about this. My sergeant is already giving me the side-eye in a look that says he wants to send me back to the department shrink.

No way in Hell I’m stretching out on that couch again.

Been there, done that, burned the damned t-shirt.

I’m a damn good detective—got one of the highest close rates on Homicide. But is she impressed? Does she take my valuable years of experience and knowledge into account? Does she ask my opinion before running off half-cocked?

I’m pretty damn sure she’d rather knock my ass unconscious and stuff me in a closet. Hell, she’s already left me passed out in a dingy alley.

Liadin is intolerant, obstinate, impetuous, rude, a little too quick to roll folks into a permanent nap, and her attitude is worse than most of the people I arrest.

I think I’m in love.

Please advise.

Baffled Detective

Dear Baffled Detective,

I suspect you haven’t made yourself clear or your angel wouldn’t be so impervious to your charms. I suggest you treat her as you would any female who tickles your trigger.

Take her out to a nice dinner where you… wait. Angels don’t eat, do they?

Perhaps you could see a movi—no.

Buy her a gif…


Let her take you out for a night of hunting and killing all things evil. That’s sure to warm her up.

And if all else fails, lay your heart at her feet and beg for mercy. And hope she doesn’t leave you in another dark alley.

Good luck!

Your writer and relationship guru extraordinaire,
Andris Bear


Bestselling Paranormal Romance author, Andris Bear, weaves snark and dark wit into her sexy tales of demons and angels. Though she's always loved to slip into a great story, the writing bug didn't bite Andris until she had three small children--just in time to have not a moment to herself.

She loves sexy, bullheaded heroes, dark chocolate, and a strong cup of coffee. Get in the way of any one of those and there will be violence.

Though she currently resides near Raleigh, NC with her own dashing hero and their mini villains, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and website,

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  1. Hey Mickey!
    Thank you so much for hosting me! You've been great to work with and I had much fun! Big hugs and sloppy kisses for you!

    1. Big hugs and sloppy kisses back!! <3 <3 I had a lot of fun!!

  2. Great post! I LOVED the letters! :-)

  3. Oops! Post should read prequel! Not Sequel.
    Loved this book and the prequel, but despite the hunkiness of Ursus, Jake is by far my favorite hero in the series. I so love a man with a sarcastic wit and heroic nature.

    1. Hi Lilly!
      Thank you for stopping by today! Can I tell you a little secret? *Glances left. Glances right* Jake is my favorite too. Shhh. ;)

  4. Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Kudos!


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