Sep 30, 2013

Introducing Meatless Mondays!

Hey all! Mondays are on the blog are going to look a little different. Every Monday, I am going to feature a different author or blogger. Want to be featured? I ask that you're vegan or vegetarian, because every Monday is going to be Meatless Monday on this blog!

Meatless Monday is going to be all about vegetarian and vegan authors and bloggers. I'll share their favorite vegan recipes with you, and they'll tell you the story of why they became vegetarian or vegan. I'll also have a spotlight of their book or blog in the post as well.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this lifestyle with my book friends! I share vegan recipes every Monday on my food blog, I Eat, I Swear. That blog started out as a place for me to show what I was eating every day, and now it's mostly my thoughts about food, health, and nutrition and vegan recipes on Meatless Monday. Feel free to check that out as well.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian author or blogger (or other book person), just click this link to fill out the form. It's all the information I'll need for the post. And if you'd rather, please don't hesitate to email me.

Here's a little of my story for those who don't know. I was eating the standard American diet until February 2013. My husband and I decided to try a juice fast after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I completed 5 days and stopped craving all the things I used to crave: chocolate, fast food, and other processed foods. I started eating a mostly plant-based diet, going vegetarian by May and totally vegan July 1st. It's mostly for health, but I really care about the animals. That's why I changed my lifestyle and eat the way I do.

Hopefully all the vegan/vegetarian authors and bloggers find me and want to hang out on my blog! I hope to hear from you soon. :o)

Sep 29, 2013

Audio Book Review: Darynda Jones - Fifth Grave Past the Light

• Pub Date: July 9, 2013
• Publisher: Macmillan Audio
• Format: Audio Book, 8hr 52min
• Age Range: Adult
• Source: Friend purchase

Charley Davidson may not look like your everyday, run-of-the-mill grim reaper, but she has vowed to reap grimness wherever she goes despite this unfortunate fact. Sadly, she gets sidetracked when the sexy, sultry son of Satan, Reyes Farrow, moves in next door. As he is the main suspect in her arson case, she is determined to stay away from him until she can find out the truth. According to her therapist, however, she lacks conviction.

When dead women start appearing in her apartment - lost, confused and terrified beyond reason - Charley has no choice but to ask for Reyes's help, especially when it becomes apparent that her own sister Gemma is the serial killer's next target. With his ability to observe incorporeally, surely he can find out who's responsible. And even if he can't, he is the one man alive who could protect Gemma no matter who or what came at her. But he wants something in return: Charley. All of her - body and soul. And to keep her sister safe, it is a price she is willing to pay...

This one was pretty entertaining. It kept me guessing until the end, and I love Charley and Reyes. HOT as always. That part is definitely delivered. And then there's the end. OH MY. *seals lips*

Here are my notes on the book:

-Many verb tenses sounded like they should have been past perfect but weren't. This could have been me not hearing the words while listening, but I don't think that was the case every time. It happened pretty often.

-There were a lot of instances of 'that' when they could have been removed. I'd apologize for all the editing parts of reviews, but that's my job. It's hard for me to not notice. And this book SOUNDED like it was poorly edited. Bah.

-I haven't read this anywhere, and perhaps it's old news. Maybe it's not even real, but I have a feeling that Nicolette may get her own story. I think she may be a spin-off subject. I hope she shows back up again because we didn't get any resolution there.

Overall, I liked this one. This isn't my favorite series ever, but Charley always makes me laugh out loud all the time, and I love Lorelei King's narration. Reyes is HOT, Cookie is a fun friend, and UB has some fantastic moments as well. I giggled, almost cried, and totally GASPED at that ending!!

Bottom line: Start this series from the beginning and enjoy.


3.5 / 5 book sharks

Sep 27, 2013

15-Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 8 - Blog Appeal

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Hello! Welcome to day four of the 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge! 

Today is all about things that appeal to me on blogs! There are all kinds of things I enjoy about book blogs. It was supposed to be 15, but I narrowed it down to 10. Here's the rundown!

  1. I love clean, simple, fun blog designs.
  2. I always appreciate the search box!
  3. I think fun items on the blog, such as Ren's It's A Surprise! link, are really great additions to a blog.
  4. I love the surveys Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner has been doing!
  5. I like when all social media button and/or links are together so I can stalk all my favorite bloggers! 
  6. It's nice when bloggers post links to their favorite blogs so I can find other new friends. <3
  7. I like all the different memes: Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday. They help me find new books to read!
  8. Honest reviews are key. I don't try to read too many unless I've already read the book. But I appreciate them just the same.
  9. Creative posts, like dream casts and book-to-movie reviews, inspire me.
  10. I like when personality shines through on blogs. When people incorporate their passions besides reading in their posts, it tells me they are enjoying what they're doing.

Find the other posts in the 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge here.

Find the other bloggers joining me on the Challenge:

Sep 25, 2013

Book Blast/Giveaway: Amalie Howard - Waterfell

Waterfell banner

Welcome to the mother of all Waterfell contests, where you can win 400 gorgeous swag packs of tattoos, signed bookmarks, and bookplates, as well as one of THREE iPad Minis. Yes, you read that right--in addition to the 400 prize packs, there will be THREE opportunities to make a super-awesome IPAD MINI yours!

First, a little about WATERFELL...


Nerissa Marin hides among teens in her human form, waiting for the day she can claim her birthright—the undersea kingdom stolen from her the day her father was murdered. Blending in is her best weapon—until her father's betrayer confronts Nerissa and challenges her to a battle to the death on Nerissa's upcoming birthday—the day she comes of age. 

Amid danger and the heartbreak of her missing mother, falling for a human boy is the last thing Nerissa should do. But Lo Seavon breaches her defenses and somehow becomes the only person she can count on to help her desperate search for her mother, a prisoner of Nerissa's mortal enemy. Is Lo the linchpin that might win Nerissa back her crown? Or will this mortal boy become the weakness that destroys her?

A sneak peek into WATERFELL...

"I’ve never wanted anything more than this moment. I smile and he does, too. He bends toward me, his fingers pulling upward drawing my face toward his. Lo smells of salt and sea, and everything else that I love about the ocean. His eyes are open and are a deep mesmerizing blue, staring deep into mine as if he’s searching for something other than my consent to kiss me. I don’t know what it is but his gaze makes me feel like I’m made of tingles and air.

At the last minute before his lips touch mine, his eyes flutter close.

The kiss is a shock of images and smells and feelings, hitting me all at once—my home, my friends, the ocean, the land, beauty, chaos, life, and this strange, infuriating, lovely boy. Everything about him flashes into me, and then there’s nothing else but Lo."


If you preorder Waterfell by OCTOBER 28th 2013, 200 random winners will receive a signed Waterfell bookmark, signed bookplate, and a cool Waterfell tattoo. In addition to this prize pack, you will be entered to a super-awesome grand prize: an IPAD MINI (worth $350).


Here’s how to enter:

You must preorder Waterfell (physical or e-book) by OCTOBER 28th to be entered into the giveaway. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below. No entries after October 28th will be counted. If your name is drawn for the grand prize, we will verify your emailed receipt that matches the date you entered (since this prize has a cash value). ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED.

NOTE: The prize for this contest is not open internationally because of issues with taxes on mailing gifts. But if you are an international reader, you should definitely still preorder Waterfell. If you are one of the 200 prize pack winners, you will receive the signed bookmark, signed bookplate and tattoo. Every qualifying entrant (see prize rules) will receive a #WaterfellProm ticket for another chance to win an iPad Mini.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


JellyfishExpress Your Inner Sea Monster! Calling all creative types—painters, sketchers, graphic artists, costume artists—you name it, we want it.

The more creative, the better. Win an IPAD MINI (worth $350) for your artistic efforts. Take a look at my Waterfell Pinterest board for inspiration or read Waterfell and let your imagination go wild! 200 random winners will receive a signed Waterfell bookmark, signed bookplate, and a cool Waterfell tattoo just for submitting your entry in the WATERFELL GET CREATIVE CONTEST.

Here’s how to enter:

Over the next four weeks from September 24th to October 21st, show us what you think the Aquarathi in Waterfell would look like in fan art (drawings, paintings, photography, costumes), and email it to You must submit by OCTOBER 21st to be eligible, and the work must be yours. No entries after October 21st will be considered.

I will select the top 20 pieces and place them on my website (with full credit), where the public will vote for the final winner the week of October 21st to October 28th. By submitting your entry, you approve of your work being displayed on this website. The grand prizewinner will be announced on the official Waterfell release date—October 29th.

NOTE: The prize for this contest is not open internationally because of issues with taxes on mailing gifts. But if you are an international contestant, you should definitely still submit your artwork/creative piece. If you are one of the 200 prize pack winners, you will receive the signed bookmark, signed bookplate and tattoo. Every qualifying entrant (see prize rules) will receive a #WaterfellProm ticket for another chance to win an IPad Mini.


keep-calm-and-prom-onGet officially invited to the #WaterfellProm and be crowned Prom King or Queen!

Here’s how to score a ticket:

Anyone who enters either of the Waterfell contests (preorder or creative) OR joins either of the official Waterfell Blog Tours from Harlequin TEEN and JKS Communications will receive an exclusive ticket to the invite-only online Waterfell "Under The Sea" Prom, just like Nerissa, Lo and all their friends in the book! Costumes optional.

Your prom ticket will entitle the bearer to one entry in the PROM KING or QUEEN drawing during the #WaterfellProm. Not only will the Waterfell Prom King or Queen be virtually crowned during the online prom, he or she will win an IPAD MINI (worth $350).

If you didn’t get a slot in either of the official Waterfell Blog Tours, but still wrote a blog post (review, interview, character interview, etc.) about Waterfell that you promoted on social media, you are absolutely entitled to a prom ticket. Email a link to your post to to qualify and receive your ticket.

NOTE: The prize for this contest is not open internationally because of issues with taxes on mailing gifts. But if you are an international attendee, you are still welcome. There will be several other international prizes like signed books, swag and jewelry for the homecoming court! So KEEP CALM and PROM ON!

Sep 24, 2013

Cover Reveal: Tessa Teevan - Ignite

Title: Ignite (#1, Explosive Series)
Author: Tessa Teevan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: November 4, 2013

After nearly a year and a half of grieving the loss of her husband, twenty-seven year old Alexa Sullivan Tate is headed back to her hometown after a decade of being away. She has no idea her high school crush, Jace McAllister, the guy who stole her heart the same night that he broke it, is more than ready to pick up the pieces. 

Jace has spent the last ten years in the Army defusing bomb after bomb, trying to forget the girl who ignited all his passions. Little does he know that the spark still exists. 

Ten years ago they had smoldering chemistry, but the spark between them now might light a fuse that leads to an explosion even Jace can't stop. Not that he wants to. If only Alexa can get past her guilt and trust her heart again. 

But how do you put it all on the line when you've already lost everything once before?

*While this is a series, each book will be standalone


At one point I see her eyeing the tattoo on my forearm and before I know it her fingers graze over the italic words and the jagged, raised scar that underlines them as she reads aloud to herself. “Vulneratus non victus. What does it mean?”

I begin to tell her about the time when a roadside IED hit the Humvee in front of mine. My left arm had been hanging out the window and a piece of shrapnel tore into it. I had a four inch gash that had required forty-two stitches, but other than that I’d been fine. 

“It’s Latin for ‘wounded, but not conquered.’ We were fortunate to have not had any bad injuries, so when we got back the guys and I all went and got this tattoo to commemorate that those bastards tried, but failed.” 

She pales slightly at the mention of my injury, no matter how minor, so I wrack my brain trying to find a way to change the conversation into something much lighter, even though her fingers trailing over the words on my arm are making my skin tingle, bringing all kinds of erotic thoughts to mind.

About the Author

After moving around for much of her life due to being a military brat, Tessa finally settled in Dayton, Ohio where she lives with her husband, her two cats, and an ever growing book boyfriend shelf (okay, shelves). Working for the government by day, and writing by night, she couldn't be more excited to publish her debut novel.  Her Kindle is practically glued to her hands, but when she's not reading or writing, you can find her rooting on the Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. She loves her sports almost as much as she loves her books. Her other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Grace Potter.  

Find Tessa:

Giveaway Alert!!

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Sep 20, 2013

15-Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7 - Blogging Quirks

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Hello! Welcome to day four of the 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge! 

Today is all about my book blogging quirks! I am not sure I have any, but let's explore, shall we? I'm sure we'll find a bunch like this! ;o)

I guess I'm particular about being consistent with setups and formats. I always want my posts to be set up the same way. While I totally appreciate the pre-formatted HTML posts for cover reveals and all that, I generally have to do some cleanup. I close up spaces and format the links differently so everything matches my usual posts. It isn't always perfect if I don't have the time because I seriously do adore that someone took the time to make a post for me.

Another thing I'm particular about is the titles of blog posts on other blogs. Sometimes I think they're too long. Only basic info really needs to be in a title, and sometimes I see ones that have all kinds of crazy symbols and punctuation. It's hard to follow I think. But that's me and my quirky brain! ;o)

I also schedule my posts for early in the morning. Usually they go up around 3:00 am my time, which is Arizona time. I figure that's 5-6 on the East Coast depending on the time of year, so it's not too early. People will see it when they wake up. Is that weird? I don't know. Haha!

I'm probably quirky about other things, but I can't thing of anything else right now. Just organization and consistency. I appreciate when things are easy to find. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I think the search feature should be on every blog! LOL.

Find the other posts in the 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge here.

Find the other bloggers joining me on the Challenge:

Cover Reveal: Karli Perrin - April Fools

Karli Perrin - April Fools
April #2

Pub Date: December 2013

Love. Hate. Fear. Fate.
All four letter words.
All consuming.
Naked to the eye, they have the power to control the heart and destroy the soul.
April Adams is about to experience them like never before.
When everything in April's life goes up in smoke, she is faced with some life changing decisions.
Join April as she continues her journey of love and loss.

Karli Perrin is a 25 year old English Language and Linguistics graduate from Manchester, England. She has always been a big lover of books and was inspired to write her own - April Showers.

She is a big believer of fate and is a sucker for a happy ending. She truly believes that there is a reason why you are reading this right now (apart from the fact that you are awesome!)

Her ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely out of books with her best friend, who also happens to be her fiancé.

...Hogwarts is plan B.

Find Karli:

Sep 19, 2013

Book Spotlight and Giveaway: Angela Graham - Irreplaceable

• Pub Date: September 19, 2013
• Publisher: Angela Graham
• Format: Ebook, 273 pages
• Age Range: New Adult

It wasn’t his fault she lay broken and battered. He wasn’t responsible for the injuries covering her bruised body.

Her heart, however, told a different story. She endured the pain of its jagged edges as it shattered against her chest, ripping through the hope she once held. Her spirit was broken, and only one man was to blame for that.

Cassandra Clarke had known better than to trust her all to a man like Logan West. She’d thought he was different—a better man than he’d portrayed to others. A man worth risking it all for.

But she was wrong, and would never make that mistake again.

What happens when you question everything you longed to believe—deny all emotions you still hold for a man unworthy of them?

Faced with Logan’s persistence, Cassandra must find the strength to keep her guard up or risk falling again for the one man her body feels…is irreplaceable.

I am happily married to my husband of five years, have three wonderful children and a beautiful feline companion that keeps me company during late night writing binges.

My love of reading has been life long but it was in early 2012 when I was inspired to finally put pen to paper and write my first story. Since then I haven't been able to stop, fueled purely by my passion to write a story and create characters that readers will enjoy.

New Adult romances are my go to books to read as well as to write. They are young, fresh and full of hope. What's not to love!

Find Angela:

Giveaway Alert

Win an ebook copy of INEVITABLE (Harmony #1) by Angela Graham! Ends 9/21/13. Thanks and good luck!

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Cover Reveal: Annie Rose Welch - Red Dirt Road

Red Dirt Road by Annie Rose Welch
Adult romance
Expected Publication: September 24th, 2013

The Saving Angels Series continues…

A new cast is introduced, while journeys already taken start to merge with the present, leading you down the old Red Dirt Road.

Death has always seemed just one step behind Layla Hill, taking almost everyone she’s ever loved. After she loses the love of her life, Layla vows to never love again—how could she, when she’s a death magnet?

Trying to outrun fate traveling with her uncle Willie and his band, Layla meets Michael Roberts, a beautiful Irish boxer as gentle on the piano as he is brutal in the ring. He proves as relentless in life, fighting for a place in her world even as she pushes him away, trying to protect him from her killer tendencies.

But neither foresees the sinister presence waiting for Layla at the end of the Red Dirt Road.

GCRPromotions is currently organizing a tour for Red Dirt Road. If you're interested in being a stop on the tour, sign up HERE.

Sep 17, 2013

Book Spotlight: Shawn Kirsten Maravel - The Wanderer

Shawn Kirsten Maravel - The Wanderer

• Pub Date: September 26, 2011
• Publisher: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
• Format: Ebook/Paperback, 350 pages
• Age Range: Adult

After getting out of the Army, Landon Bradley packs up his motorcycle and heads North West in hopes of closing up old battle wounds and maybe even settling down. Not accustomed to staying in one spot for too long, he's not certain that he'll ever find a place that he can truly call home. When he finds himself stranded in a small Wyoming town, Landon meets Maxine Abrams, more affectionately known as Max. Her blunt honesty and humble generosity make him feel closer to home then he ever has before. But when his feelings for her grow too strong, the reality that, like everyone else, he could easily lose her too, Landon feels the ever present urge to leave again. And Landon must decide which call to heed. His heart or the open road.

I have not yet read this book, but I have worked with this author on the screenplay based on this novel. I really enjoyed it!! She graciously gave me the books on ebook to review, so I'd love to get to them soon. Either way, I'd like to spread the word about her books. Check them out if you get a chance!! This one would make a great movie!

She's also a very talented photographer. Check out her White Willow Photography Facebook page for her photography to see her beautiful work. A lot of it is from her adorable son, so it's worth looking at either way. <3

Shawn Maravel was born in a small New Jersey town located between somewhere and nowhere. She fled the country looking for adventure while following her heart and the love of a soldier.

Shawn started writing when her husband joined the Army in 2008. It started out as a way for her to cope with the long periods of time that they spent apart but slowly took on a life of its own, becoming something she did for herself. Having always enjoyed writing and dabbled in it from time to time in previous years, the military lifestyle really provided her with the opportunity and an outlet to explore the passion further.

Volition is her first novel and was written during her husband's year-long deployment to Iraq. It is the first of a two book series, followed by Severance. She is also currently working on the screenplay for her novel The Wanderer.

Find Shawn:

Sep 16, 2013

Book Spotlight: Dawna Raver - Color Wielders

Behind the Faerying Mysts, hidden from Mortal eyes, is a land where gods and creatures of myth and legend dwell. And in the Mortal Realm, their Princess is hidden away.

Quinn Sinclair lives an ordinary life with her less-than-loving mother in Conifer, Colorado, clueless of her true nature. On the night of her birthday, a staggering betrayal sends her life spinning out-of-control. As she struggles to pick up the pieces, a vision of a man with haunting tourmaline-blue eyes begs her for help, and she is transported into a Magykal battle-forever changing her life.

Arik Morgaine-Demigod bad boy and outcast of the Magykal Realm-tried to avoid contact with Princess Quinn for eighteen years, not wanting to make good on an old threat. But the fates have other plans. Arik can no longer deny his growing desire for Quinn, or the need to protect her from those wanting to control her burgeoning powers. Can the two of them come together and save the Magykal Realm from being destroyed by the Darkest of Magyks?

New Adult. Recommended for 18 and above. Mature themes, sexual situations, and profanity.


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Dawna Raver is an author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Colour Wielders, Book One, is her debut novel. When she's not spending time in her fantasy world, Dawna loves football, reading, and pretending she's a top chef in the kitchen. Oh, and fawning over her dogs and husband, sometimes in that order.

Find Dawna:

Sep 14, 2013

ARC Review: Lisa Becker - Double Click

Lisa Becker - Double Click

• Pub Date: March 25, 2013
• Publisher: Lisa Becker
• Format: Ebook, 308 pages
• Age Range: Adult
• Source: Author

Fans of the romantic hit Click: An Online Love Story will enjoy another voyeuristic dive into the lives of Renee, Shelley, Ashley, Mark and Ethan, as Double Click picks up with their lives six months later. Are Renee and Ethan soul mates? Does Mark ever go on a date? Has Shelley run out of sexual conquests in Los Angeles? Will Ashley's judgmental nature sabotage her budding relationship? Through a marriage proposal, wedding, new baby and unexpected love twist, Double Click answers these questions and more. Readers will continue to cheer, laugh, cry and cringe following the email exploits of Renee and friends.

Loved it! Shelley is just as dirty and snarky, Renee is the voice of reason while still being a woman, and Marc is so level-headed. Ethan is still around, thank goodness, and Ashley is a sad basket case in this one, but it's all so entertaining. I laughed out loud a bunch of times and read this in just a few hours because I couldn't put it down. Lisa Becker doesn't disappoint!!

If you read Click: An Online Love Story, you'll absolutely love Double Click. As mentioned above, you'll find all the main characters back in action. It's hard to pick a favorite because they're all just hilarious and fun overall. I particularly liked the addition of Marc's new girlfriend. Her emails—and the subsequent reactions from Shelley and Ashley—made me laugh pretty hard. So definitely pick up this sequel to Click! And if you haven't read Click already, you should do that right away. 

Bottom line: This is a quick, interesting, and hilarious read. I really enjoyed it!


4/5 book sharks

Lisa Becker had endured her share of hilarious and heinous cyber dates, many of which inspired Click: An Online Love Story and Double Click. She is now happily married to a wonderful man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there’s hope for you!

Find Lisa:

Giveaway Alert!!

Enter below to win an ebook copy of Click, the first of the series! Ends 9/20/13.

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