Aug 12, 2013

Release Promo: Amanda Evanson - Pregnancy: A Journey to Motherhood

• Pub Date: August 9, 2013
• Publisher: MNE Booka
• Format: Ebook 97 pages
• Genre: Teen Pregnancy (Non-Fiction)

Becoming a mother is what pregnancy is all about. For some the questions aren't complicated.

Pampers or Huggies?
Bassinet or Pack N Play?
Breast or bottle?

For others, the questions are anything but simple.

High school or work?
Single mom or a different home?
Sixteen going on twenty-five or abortion?

No young girl wants to be faced with such difficult decisions... right? Follow one young girl who chose to get pregnant at seventeen and all the consequences, both good and bad, that followed her decision to become a mother.

Amanda Evanson lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and two children. She enjoys hiking throughout the beautiful state she lives in and capturing beautiful scenery images. She is an avid animal lover having grown up in a home with several dogs and on a horse farm. She began horseback riding when she was ten years old.

Amanda started writing when she was thirteen. What started off as poetry to help her cope with the loss of a friend ended with a passion for writing. She wrote Pregnancy: A Journey Though Motherhood because of how she felt during her first pregnancy. She was amazed at how many people assumed she would be a bad mother, end her education and never amount to anything. With this book, she set out to show that with hard work anyone can succeed. Regardless of the choices a person makes, it is never too late: anyone can succeed.

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