Oct 9, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Intimidating Books

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this feature includes random weekly bookish top tens. This week's list is - top ten most intimidating books. It's actually a TTT Rewind, and this is a topic in which I did not participate when it originally was scheduled. I feel like this is a bit of a confession post, so I'm feeling a little shy. I'll be honest though, so here's my list in no particular order:





All of these books are ones I want to read or at least have wanted to read at some point. They all seem interesting and important. But they're either very dense in content or very, very long. I don't have much time for long reads, so audio usually helps for those. I'll definitely try to get into these soon. What's your TTT this week? Let me know. Thanks! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've read a smattering of the books on your list. Crime & Punishment is great, once you get used to the long and confusing (to me) Russian names. I'm going to re-read Anna Karenina at some point because it's on my Classics Club list. Gone with the Wind is sublime and The Pillars of the Earth is one of my very favorite books of all time. I've never read Les Mis but I've joined a read-a-long for it so I will be soon! I want to get to it before the movie comes out ;)

  2. I completely agree with Atlas Shrugged and Gone With the Wind. I really need to get to both of those, but I am intimidated! If it makes you feel any better, people look at me like I have 5 heads when I tell them I've read War and Peace. You're probably more normal having NOT read it. :)

  3. Never heard of these books before, but they look interesting! :) Hope you'll get to them soon! ;) Enjoy!


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