Oct 5, 2012

Guest Post: Lisa Bouchard - The Shattered Door

Lisa Bouchard - The Shattered Door

• Pub Date: September 18, 2012
• Publisher: Bouchard and Shalek, LLC
• Format: Ebook, 260 pages
• Age Range: Adult

In the United States, telepaths are hunted by the Telepathic Corps, a small, mobile army who can sense when telepaths use their powers. No one knows what happens to captured telepaths, but rumors of secret medical experiments and death squads fly through the telepathic underground.

When famous telepath George Wynton is found at the scene of his lover’s murder, novice private investigators Olivia and Darcy Morison are hired to find the real killer. Trained to keep their abilities secret, they have become experts at passing as normal.

As the sisters struggle to balance their time between helping Wynton and the mind-numbing jobs their boss assigns them, dangerous elements continue to swirl around them.

The Twenty, a high-powered, secret group, is working to keep Wynton behind bars while members of Boston’s telepathic underground are threatening to rise up and break him out of jail. And the Corps has arrived in the city, rounding up telepaths with a vengeance.

Now Olivia and Darcy must find the killer, keep their secret hidden and work with the telepathic underground all while avoiding their boss, not to mention finding a gangster's dog.

Ten Things I'd Do If I Were Telepathic
by Lisa Bouchard

10) What's in Area 51 - the science fiction reader in me is dying to know.

9) How did George Lucas think Jar Jar Binks was a good idea - seriously, everyone wants to know.

8) Tomorrow's winning lottery number - I'd only do this once, but for a very big payout.

7) What to get my husband for Chanukah - after 20 years and 8 gifts per year, I'm out of ideas!

6) Does this dress make me look fat - my husband knows the right answer, but what's the truth?

5) Are there any other telepaths out there - maybe we should band together for self-protection.

4) How does the teenage mind work - I have two teens and they baffle me.

3) What's really required for world peace - I have to use my powers for good, at least some of the time.

2) Who shot JFK - the history buff in me is dying to know.

1) Finally, I'd take a peek or two when playing games with my husband so he doesn't win every single game!

It all started when she learned to read at five. One of her first and favorite memories is of words taped to all the objects in the house. Not long after that, books became the best thing ever and there was no turning back.

She suffered a crisis of confidence in High School and College and decided writing was too difficult, so she earned a degree in Chemistry instead. Three career changes and four children later, she’s back to writing and much happier for it.

Now she works from her home office in New Hampshire amid the books, kids, and occasional pets.

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