Oct 29, 2012

Blog Tour: Dawn White - Wingless and Damned

Dawn White - Wingless and Damned

• Pub Date: September 29, 2012
• Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
• Format: Paperback/Ebook, 138 pages
• Age Range: Adult

Alexander is the alpha tribal leader of his Neuri werewolf tribe, set to destroy anything associated with the dreaded strigoi. Lea is a magnificent fae or soon comes to find out she isn’t a fae after all. With Alexander, Lea’s and basically the worlds fate is in the hands of the mated pair. They must act fast and not just on the revenge they so desperately need. Can their love save us all? As Lea and Alexander’s souls hang in the balance they come to realize we are all a little Damned.

Excerpt from Wingless and Damned
by Dawn White

The elder strigoi’s are forcing Ciarra to do their bidding by getting rid of their only competition. To their dismay she makes it permanent and goes another step farther with the guidance of her spirit guides.

"I will do it if she and her unborn are released safely and unharmed.”

Feeling as if the spirits are right in the manipulation of the curse, I know the look I give Kimi is one of remorse. My heart is yearning to set her free with no harm done to her and her unborn baby.

He nods in agreement and the other strigoi remove themselves from her side apparently having overheard and understood our conversation. Kimi’s whimpers turn into soft sobs as I run to where they want me to stand. I look at Kimi and the look in her eyes plead with me to help her but all I can do is try to smile at her to make her know it will all be okay.

Standing in the center of the room, I hear my spirit guides.

“This is very bad and you will have to twist the curse so as to not cause more harm than already done.”

I slowly start twisting the curse as I try to do what is required of me to get Kimi released safely. I add a few incantations I hope no one will notice but to no avail. Finishing the twisted curse, Aison furiously rushes to my side and yells at me.

“Finish what you started; it is too late now!”

I realize I have doomed all future Neuri children to live in this world as dreaded werewolves. At the age of 26 the prophecy will manifest. They are ill-fated to wander the plains of this wicked world, without death to look forward to.

The only way this spell can be broken is if a mated pair come together and crossover at the same time. This will make them part werewolf and part strigoi which is the only way they can successfully kill the original strigoi to break the curse.

As soon as my incantation is finished, I collapse to the hard stone-covered floor, but before Aison can get to my side, the other strigoi rush to me and treat me as if I am a feast of sort. One of the smaller strigoi leaps across the room to land in a loud thud atop me, breaking my ribs. A sharp prickle of pain radiates from deep inside my chest and I start experiencing a drowning sensation and gasp for what little air my blood-filled lungs can acquire. I think I must be turning purple from a lack of oxygen and feel my life begin to fade. I reach for Aison only to come up empty.

They bite me on the soft skin on the inside of my thighs, their sharp teeth tearing my fragile skin. Warm, thickening blood pools under my body as these creatures continuously ravage my already broken body. My heart begins to slow and fuzziness blurs the edges of my eyesight. I realized I am dying; it is too late for me!

Dawn White resides in southern CA with her husband and three daughters. She has always been an avid reader and seems to live a busy life as a wife and mother. In between home schooling her children and taking care of the house she finds a few minutes at a time to write her novella series. Wingless and Damned will be available October 1, 2012.

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