Sep 3, 2012

Author Interview: Phil Rossi - Soldier Hill

Phil Rossi - Soldier Hill

• Pub Date: June 24, 2012
• Publisher: Phil Rossi
• Format: Ebook, 55 pages
• Age Range: Adult

In 1983, two high school friends set out to honor a fallen soldier from the Vietnam War. A coming of age story about honor and sacrifice.

Mickey: Hey Phil Rossi, welcome to the blog!! Please introduce yourself.
Phil: Hi Mickey. I'm an independent, self-published writer. Soldier Hill is my second novella. Before this, I wrote short stories, and screenplays. I also spent time in the independent film scene, here in the New York City area. Like most, writing scripts, and trying to secure the financing to go ahead. After years of it, and never getting anything off the ground, I decided to focus on fiction. It's my strength, passion, and comfort zone. I'm glad I made the switch. I still hope to write, direct, and produce a low-budget film someday.

Mickey: Tell us about your book, Soldier Hill.
Phil: It is a coming of age story that takes place in 1983. It is told through the eyes and voice of a 40-something guy looking back. It's geared towards adults looking for a human interest story. It's not an 80's homage, but you have to recreate the time to get the reader back there. I'm hopeful young adults will find it enjoyable as well as parents looking for an alternative selection. There's some salty language, but would call Soldier Hill a PG-13.

Mickey: What inspired you to write Soldier Hill?
Phil: True events that seem so mind-boggling in retrospect. There was a memorial dedicated to a boy killed in Vietnam that was removed and discarded for new construction. All these years later, I'm still haunted and disturbed by it. Soldier Hill is not meant to demonize those responsible. It's a mission to make it right. The 'inside baseball' is the true story part. How do I make that plausible? That's both the inspiration and challenge.

Mickey: You also have a short film on your website. Tell us about that, too!
Phil: Ten Large is a six-minute caper film shot on digital video. It was a lot of fun to make. I also act in it. I made it like most filmmakers producing a short. For the love of it, as well as a calling card for investors looking to back a feature film.

Mickey: How long does your writing process take? Do you outline or just write?
Phil: I normally outline, only after I feel I have enough to go forward. Often times, I will begin by writing. The first step, just to keep busy and moving. I may write a beginning, or ending chapter, and let the material ferment. If it's something that keeps me intrigued, I'll start the process of outlining while making character and story notes.

Mickey: What writing projects do you have coming up?
Phil: I'm actually working on a new novella right now. It's different from my previous two, and I'm finding it quite challenging, which is a good thing. I want to push myself. Not only to work harder, and better, but to find that original and intriguing story, rather than writing in a particular genre.

Mickey: Thanks so much for being here! Any parting words?
Phil: Thanks Mickey for inviting me on your blog. It's a terrific website, and I enjoyed it.

Fiction writer. Wrote, produced, directed, and acted in a short film, 'Ten Large'. It can be viewed on my website as well as on YouTube. I still harbor the dream to write/direct a feature film. I have no plans to act. It's fun, but prefer to write, produce, and direct.

My latest eBook, 'Soldier Hill' is available at Amazon, as well as the Soldier Hill website. I feel it's my best work, and certainly the most personal.

Find Phil:
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