Aug 7, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Best Posts About Me

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this feature includes random weekly bookish top tens. This week's list is - top ten posts on my blog that give the best picture of me as a person and a reader. I'm counting down (in no particular order) my favorite reviews and posts that really show my readers who I am. Here's my list:

  1. My Ramble About Onyx
    This one isn't even ON my blog. It's uploaded to YouTube, and it's a video of me doing my thing. I'm going on and on about books. It's what I do best!
  2. ALA Anaheim 2012 Recap
    This isn't for bragging rights. This is to show me with some blogger friends, enjoying books and food, having a great time. That's me!
  3. Audio Book Week: Narrator Interview - Lorelei King
    I absolutely adore audio books, and Lorelei King is one of the best in the business. Check out ANY of my audio book narrator interviews because I got to ask some really great questions to some very fab narrators!!
  4. Review: KC Neal - Pyxis
    Sometimes my weird quirks come out. In this one, I reveal that I'm not a fan of pixies, and that's why I didn't read this book at first. Whoops - it's not even about pixies!!
  5. Armchair BEA: Introductions First
    This post mentions some things about me, things I don't normally talk about on the blog. Check it out to find out something about me besides book talk :o)
  6. TGIF - The Reviews We Don't Write
    One of the many times I gush about Jodi Picoult's Sing You Home. It was so hard for me to write this review. I said I'd go back and work on it, but I couldn't. 5 stars means enough in my book.
  7. Top Ten Tuesday - Book Theme Songs
    I worked really hard on this post, and I don't feel like it reached its full audience potential! I thought I came up with some great match ups for books to music. Let me know what you think!
  8. An Apology
    I don't always know if people are reading my blog, but I feel like it's important to keep it going. It also needs a level of quality that I can't always manage. So I told my story. :o)
  9. Top Ten Tuesday - Strong Feelings
    A lot of the time, I have very strong feelings about books. These are the ones I feel strongly about, one way or the other. It's the good and the bad of strong feelings. All the rage! 
  10. Top Ten Tuesday - 2011 Favorites
    This one I picked because I had a lot of great favorites from last year. I'd love to share those with new readers!
There you have it! These posts show me as a person and as a reader. I like to have fun, I'm a couponer, I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I have strong feelings about a whole bunch of books, and I really like to give 100% to my blog. My readers ROCK!! So thank you all!

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