Aug 20, 2012

Author Top Ten: Abria Mattina - Wake

Abria Mattina - Wake

• Pub Date: September 20, 2011
• Publisher: Primrose Publications
• Format: ebook, 759 pages
• Age Range: Young Adult

Eighteen isn’t too young to run your life into the ground, but it’s not too old to fix it, either. The desire for change drives Willa Kirk from St. John’s, Newfoundland back to hometown of Smiths Falls, Ontario, away from her mistakes and the place where her sister died. She’s looking for a place to settle and rebuild, but Jem Harper just wants to get out of town, back to the life he knew before cancer. By letting the tragedies in their lives define them, they are both dying a little more every day. Welcome to the wake.

Top Ten Reasons to be a Writer
by Abria Mattina

  1. You’re too old to play pretend.
  2. The voices have good ideas. And won’t shut up about them.
  3. You have an ambition to paper an entire room with rejection slips and form letters.
  4. Everyone told you it was a crazy idea.
  5. You enjoy being criticized by strangers.
  6. Carpal tunnel syndrome = badge of accomplishment.
  7. Getting paychecks only four times a year appeals to you.
  8. Grammar is your bestie.
  9. Too many empty notebooks lying around.
  10. Revenge on everyone you knew in high school.

Abria Mattina works in book production and web design. She holds a Certificate in Publishing from the New York University Summer Publishing Institute and a degree in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Ottawa. When she isn’t writing she enjoys travelling, eclectic books, blogging, and baking. She lives with her fiance, Daniel.

Her debut novel, WAKE, is about the struggle to redefine life after experiencing cancer and caring for an ill loved one.

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