Jun 9, 2012

Secondary Character Saturday - Dee

Hosted by Hannah @ In the Best Worlds, Secondary Character Saturday is all about celebrating the sidekicks in the literary world! Check in on Saturdays to see which secondary character is being highlighted and chatted about on each blog by visiting Hannah's site. Link up by leaving a comment on her post each Saturday. Enjoy!

Dee Black
Jennifer L Armentrout - Lux series

Uh yeah. The cover is hot. But let's focus on the topic at hand, shall we? Obsidian is the first in a series about aliens, and MAN are they cool. One of the coolest happens to be Dee. She's Daemon's sister, and she's fab. Dee is a little in your face, but she's always honest, and she always says what she's thinking but in sweet way. She likes to have fun and have friends. Friends don't come so easy for her when she has a brother like Daemon, though. So it's nice that she and Katy are working on a friendship while things go down with Daemon. If you haven't read this series, please check it out. Onyx, Lux #2, will be out in August, but I know ARCs are floating around. You can also catch Dee in Shadows, the Lux prequel novella focusing on Dawson, Dee and Daemon's brother. She's hilarious in that one. Man, she had me rolling! So I just love Dee. I'd like to think that she and I could be friends.. if that's okay to think ;o)

Hope you've enjoyed this week's edition! Please participate and let me know who your favorite sidekick is this week. Thanks! Happy weekend!


  1. I love Dee too!!! My heart broke for her in Onyx. She's a fab pick for this meme!!!


  2. You always pick characters that make me want to read the books!! I haven't read this yet, but I so need to!

  3. I want to read this series so bad..this character seems really interesting


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