Jun 7, 2012

Blog Tour: Reyna Hawk - Looking Through Blind Eyes

Welcome to my date on the Reyna Hawk Looking Through Blind Eyes tour! She's graciously shared a top ten list with us as well as an excerpt from the book! Please check it all out and find her on the web with the links below. :o)

Pub Date: May 17, 2012
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Format: Paperback 232 pages
Age Range: Adult

Janie and Daniel were not only brother and sister, they were the best of friends. Coming from a troubled past to a new location, they thought their lives would finally be worth living. However, Daniel’s new work took them into the dark world of organized crime and essentially cost Daniel his life. Filled with grief over the loss of her brother and new love for Rico, the “boss’s” assistant. Janie realizes there’s more to Daniel’s death than him simply disappearing and being found dead. Soon Janie finds herself knocking at death’s door with the man she loves more than life itself the doorman. "Looking Through Blind Eyes" is book one in a series of three. Book Two titled "The Reflection of Secrets" coming soon!!

Top Ten Random List of Little Known Things about Reyna Hawk

10) I frequently burst into dance to music no one else hears.
9) My all time favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
8) If I don’t know the words to a song I make up my own.
7) My favorite snack is PB&J sandwich with a big glass of chocolate milk.
6) I have attended the exact same number of weddings as I have funerals.
5) I have an obsession with the mafia.
4) I have a healthy obsession with Federico Castelluccio.
3) I can pop almost every joint in my body; including my sternum.
2) I have my own personal Easter Bunny; her nickname is Leafy.
1) I am afraid of cows.

Excerpt from Looking Through Blind Eyes

         Daniel had insisted to leave and put gas in the car for their trip; despite Janie’s protest they could get it when they left. Something in his last words brought a cold chill to Janie. As he was about to walk out the door, he paused
“Janie?” His tone and expression so serious and somber. 
“What is it?” Janie frowned.
“I love you baby sister. Never forget everything I ever do is for you.” Janie thought for a brief moment she seen tears well up in his eyes. 
“I love you too. What’s wrong? You act like you’re not coming back?” Janie started to approach him, but Daniel quickly exited, yelling back to her.
“Just remember that!”
Therefore, when it had been hours and Daniel still had not returned home, Janie had a knot in her stomach that said something was very seriously wrong. It wasn’t like Daniel not to at least text or call to say why he was running late. Even if he had to do a quick “job” as Daniel called it; he would at least let her know so she didn’t worry. As nightfall came and went, Janie’s fears and worries began to escalate. Daniel would never let Janie worry for this long. She finally gave in to the fear and began to call the only people she knew to call, Rico and Anthony.

Reyna is a 44-year-old mother of one son and grandmother to one beautiful 3-year-old little girl. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio Reyna has always loved writing and story telling. From a very young age she was making up stories to tell her friends.

She has an Associate of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology. She had a consistent GPA of 3.6 or better.

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