Jun 18, 2012

Author Top Ten: Liz C. Long - Gifted

WOW you guys. I have a FANTASTIC post for you today!! Liz Long, author of Gifted: A Donovan Circus Novel, is stopping by on the blog today to count her top ten list of HOT BOYS! Mmmm. *swoons and drools* Yeah, this post is pretty epic. No one is off limits, and I love just about all of her choices! I've been dying to share this all with you, mostly because it comes with pictures. YUM! So here we go!!!

Top Ten Hot Boys
by Liz Long

Hello, Book Shark Readers! 
My name is Liz Long and I'm a reader, writer, and dreamer. When I jumped at Mickey's opportunity to write up at Top 10, I wasn't sure what I'd list. When I think about what I dream, however, let's face it: I like looking at hot boys. I like to see them in their movie roles or as characters in my stories or better yet, my boyfriend on the side. (Luckily, my husband's got his own list of hot ladies to make us even.) I'd like to note these are in no particular order, because I honestly can't choose! Without further ado, I present Liz Long's Top 10 List of Hot Boys! (Better get a napkin for the drool that'll be on your desk once finished).

  1. Chris Pine-because him in a black turtleneck makes me all swoony. He's also seriously amazing as a young Capt. Kirk.
  2. Chris Hemsworth-LOOK AT HIM!!
  3. Chris Evans-He's Captain America for crying out loud! (And this photo doesn't even begin to show off his amazing body!)
  4. Robert Downey, Jr.-he always adds such a unique style to every character he plays. Tony Stark is my god. (Maybe that's Thor...*loses more time staring at Chris Hemsworth as a demi-god...*)
  5. Benedict Cumberbatch-proof that smart is so, so sexy. Best Sherlock ever. (I dare anyone to say no to those eyes of his. Yow.)
  6. Justin Timberlake-I've loved him since I was 13. Not stopping now. He's only gotten better with age (and looks way hotter without the bleached curls!)
  7. Harrison Ford-there is NO other actor I respect or love more than him. Obviously he's a bit older than this photo entails, but he's always this pretty in my forever-memory.
  8. Ryan Reynolds-say what you want about his acting chops, but I dig him. Plus, the abbbsss, oh god the abs!
  9. Bradley Cooper-uh, yum. This man looks good in anything--glasses, hats, beards, whatever. Every look is hot on him. He's like a versatile. And as per usual, the eyes have it.
  10. Ian Somerhalder-like I really need to explain this one. He's the ultimate sexy bad boy!
  11. Alexander Skarsgard-(Liz forgot him, then tweeted me to add him because he BELONGS on this list!)
I gotta stop here or it'll continue forever (nevermind the top 10, try more like the top 50!). Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Mickey! I hope the list is to your and your readers' approval. I know I had fun! :)

BIG thanks to Liz for this amazing, drool-worthy list! Definitely check out her book, Gifted: A Donovan Circus Novel!

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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Liz, honey, we must be Sexy-Men-Soulmates because your #1 and #2 are MINE!!! :) Most people don't even know who Chris Pine IS and I've loved both him and Chris Hemsworth when they were in Star Trek together :D <3 this post!!!

  2. Omg, I've loved Chris Pine since The Princess Diaries 2!! He's just dreamy-that's the only word for it! I'm going to stare at my list all day long (good luck getting any work done, readers).
    Yum! :) Thanks for letting me have so much fun with your post, Mickey!


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